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[appz ] Game Collector Pro v2.2.4

Game Collector is a database program for making a list of your computer games: PC games as well as console games for PlayStation2, XBox, GameCube, and older platforms. Adding games to the list is quick and easy because all information is automatically downloaded from the internet. The resulting list can be sorted, searched, grouped, printed or exported to HTML or text. Read on for more details.

Use Game Collector to:

Catalog games automatically
Just type title/platform or scan barcodes to add games to your personal game database
Download all game details
Including cover image, platform, publisher, developer, genre, etc...
Browse your game cover
Use the Thumbnail View to browse your collection by cover image.
View or print sorted lists
Lists are configurable, you choose what to list and in which order.
Search your game database
E.g. find a game by title or find all online multiplayer games
Export your data (PRO only)
Export to HTML, XML, CSV or to the Notes section of your iPod.
Track your loans (PRO only)

Whats New In v2.2 Build 4?:
- Automatic version update failed if another application also updated automatically recently
- Error message "Not a valid integer" when sorting text fields with very large numbers (e.g. barcodes)

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[appz ] Book Collector Pro v4.6.4

Book Collector is a program for making a database of your book library: paperbacks, hardcovers, magazines, bundles, and other book formats. Adding books to the database is quick and easy because all information is automatically downloaded from book database sites (e.g. Library of Congress) and online book stores on the internet. The resulting list can be sorted, searched, grouped, printed or exported to HTML or ASCII. Read on for more details.

Use Book Collector to:

Catalog books automatically
Just type or scan ISBN barcode or type author and title to add books to your database.
Download all book data
Including cover image, author, title, publisher, year and genre.
Browse your book covers
Use the Thumbnail View to browse your collection by cover image.
View or print sorted lists
Lists are configurable, you choose what to list and in which order.
Search your book database
E.g. find a book by title or find all books you haven't read yet
Export your data (PRO only)
Export to HTML, XML, CSV or to the Notes section of your iPod.
Track your loans (PRO only)

Version 4.6 build 4 (June 13, 2006)
- Automatic version update failed if another application also updated automatically recently
- Error message "Not a valid integer" when sorting text fields with very large numbers (e.g. barcodes)

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[appz ] Sothink SWF Decompiler v3.2 Build 60616

Sothink SWF Decompiler is an excellent tool to recover SWF to FLA; browse, play and parse Shockwave Flash movies (swf or exe). SWF Decompiler, which is compatible with ActionScript 2.0 completely, can export every SWF element such as ActionScripts, sounds, images, videos, shapes, frames, fonts, texts, buttons and sprites in various formats. Can extract the video file from a Flash movie and export it in *.flv format. The interface is so user-friendly that you can easily know it and choose to convert the SWF to FLA or only export the elements you like. The recovered FLA can be opened and edited in Flash 6, 7 or Flash 8. Compatible with Flash 8 completely. And Flash components, the 9-slice scaling and text analysis properties are all supported.

To more considerate design, it includes SWF Catcher , an assistant tool to catch Flash movies that you are viewing on a web page in Internet Explorer and Firefox. It will be very convenient to decompile SWF.

* Convert SWF to FLA completely and quickly.
* Decompile Flash Movie (swf, exe) successfully.
* SWF in all versions can be imported, decompiled and converted to FLA(6.0 or 7.0 or 8.0 ).
* Decompile, display and extract all Flash movie elements in groups, such as Shape, Morph Shape, Image, Sound, Font, Text, Sprite, Button, Frame and Action.
* Support AS2.0 completely.
* Supply SWF Catcher for Firefox and IE.
* Support converting the swf that contains components to fla file
* Support exporting ActionScript in .as format.
* Support converting swf that contains video to FLA.
* Can extract the video file from a Flash movie and export it in *.flv format.
* Besides recovering the static text to text, Sothink SWF Decompiler offers the function of converting static text to shape.
* Have a built-in Flash viewer to view and play the Flash movies you select.
* The explorer like interface is very user-friendly.

Support Platform:
  * Windows 98
  * Windows Me
  * Windows NT 4.0
  * Windows 2000
  * Windows XP
  * Windows 2003

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[appz ] Techsmith Camtasia Studio v3.1.2

Camtasia Studio Screen Recording and Presentation

Changing the way you train, present to, and connect with your audience.
Teaching and demonstrating visually is much more powerful than using words alone. But, getting the right group of people together for a training or demonstration can be expensive and inconvenient.

Camtasia Studio lets you easily create compelling training and presentations for Web and CD-ROM delivery, and you can do it without ever leaving your office. It is the only product versatile enough to record live PowerPoint presentations, personalized technical training sessions, and rich software demonstrations.

Reach Anyone, Anytime
With the power of interactive Camtasia Studio videos, you can deliver the same high-quality information time and time again, to even your most remote client or student. This means that you can share your professional expertise with more of your audience. And, you can reclaim the time and expense of conducting in-person presentations to increase productivity in other areas of your professional life.
No Expertise Required

To create a video using Camtasia Studio, you don’t need multimedia expertise. Simply click the Record the screen button, and follow the steps in the New Recording Wizard to complete the recording. Using Camtasia Studio’s timeline and storyboard, you can then assemble your video, add and edit the audio and video tracks, and add callouts.

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[appz ] Portable Typing Master 7.0

Meet TypingMaster Pro, the personal typing trainer that adapts to your unique needs. The program provides customized exercises and helpful feedback to guide you step by step to professional keyboarding. As a result your typing speed will increase significantly saving you a lot of valuable work time.

Adjusts to Your Progress
At every stage training is adjusted to your personal progress. Weak spots are pinpointed and rapidly eliminated with additional exercises. Thanks to this personal approach you can put your new skills into action after only 3 to 5 hours of training.



[appz ] Axialis IconWorkshop v6.02 Corporate Edition

IconWorkshop loads, creates, edits, saves Vista® icons. Microsoft® Vista®, the next version of Windows to arrive, includes a new PNG compressed icon format. It permits to create icons up to 256x256 with alpha channel with smaller file size.

Axialis IconWorkshop now fully supports this new format in all features: edition, automatic format creation, batch creation, batch conversion, format normalization... Don't wait and create today your icons for Vista®.

Create quality icons for Windows® and Macintosh® OS
Axialis IconWorkshop is the first icon editor which permits to create Windows® and Macintosh® icons. You can easily create icons for both systems. IconWorkshop creates Windows® icons up to XP and Macintosh® icons up to 256x256 Tiger® (Mac OS 10.4).
Windows® XP and Mac OSX come with a generations of icons using variable transparency. This feature permits to create beautiful icons with smooth borders and shadows. You need a professional tool to create such icons. Axialis IconWorkshop has been designed with one goal in mind: "Icon Quality".
Enjoy the powerful editor which permits to create the various image formats of an icon from an original drawing without quality loss.

Create attractive icons using Image Objects ®
The first Axialis Object Pack for icons has been included in IconWorkshop. It is a library of 150 image objects which will permit you to create an unlimited number of icons with various glossy effects and shapes simply using drag & drop.

The images come in 256x256 high-quality PNG format. It permits to easily create icons containing various sizes up to 256x256 for Windows XP®, Vista® and MacOS®.
• What is an image object?
• How to use image objects to create icons?

Convert icons between Macintosh® and Windows®
Macintosh® designers are prolific, especially when it comes to icon creation. Use IconWorkshop to read Mac icons and convert them to Windows®. It reads all kind of Mac icons up to Tiger® (OSX 10.4).
If you're a software developer, you'll enjoy the ability to create applications for both Windows and Macintosh platforms by converting your icons. If you're simply a Windows user you'll be able to use Mac icons on your XP desktop.
This new version includes a feature which permits to convert icons between the two systems in batch-processing mode (several icons are converted in one fast operation).
IconWorkshop fully supports MacBinary file format. It permits to easily transfer icons between Macintosh® and Windows®.

Automatically create icons from images
Axialis IconWorkshop features a powerful editor. But sometimes it's easier to create an icon from an existing image. Basically, you can import all kind of existing images: PSD, PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF...
An exclusive feature permits to create an icon, with its several image formats, in just one operation! All is done automatically: Alpha channel is preserved, palettes are calculated for 256 color formats and even 16 color formats with transparency are generated.

Export icons to images to illustrate your applications
If you create applications, you know that images are required to create an attractive user interface. IconWorkshop permits to export any image included in an icon (Windows/Mac) to an external bitmap file. You'll be able to easily use these images in your program to create beautiful toolbars for example.

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[appz ] Music Collector Pro v6.11.5

Music Collector is a program that helps you catalog your collection of CDs, LPs, Minidiscs, etc... This organizer software runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP and Apple Mac OS X.

Catalog your music collection
Adding items to the music database is quick and easy, adding CDs can even be done without any typing. Just insert a CD in your CD-ROM drive or scan its barcode with your barcode scanner. Adding LPs is easy too, only type the artist and title.
Music Collector will automatically download all data (artist, title, track titles, genre, label, etc... including the cover images). The information is retrieved from various music database sites on the internet (like the freedb CD database and the Amazon music catalog). It can also read CDTEXT information from the CD itself, if available.

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[appz ] BlindWrite v6.0.0.11

Blindwrite, is a software to create a clone of your existing CD and DVD! BlindWrite extracts all the characteristics of your original CD and DVD in his own format or as a.ISO to your harddrive to reproduce a working copy of your media. It allows you to protect your investments against damage caused by children, scratches or by frequent use. Your personal CD or DVD backups can even be run directly from your computer using a virtual drive (i.e. Daemon Tools). Blindwrite's Game Copy Software supports a large number of formats and is regularly updated to support the latest technology. Combined with CopyToDVD, it is a complete set of software for all your backup needs: data files, 1:1 CD/DVD backups, audio CDs from music files and DVD movies. A must-have!

BlindWrite supports all popular CD/DVD writers and handles every available DVD format (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM, DVD+R Double Layer, DVD-R Dual Layer).

Key Features
* Brand new easy to use interface featuring one-click style
* Supports graphic themes allowing you to customize the look and feel
* New reading and writing engine supporting both CDs and DVDs
* Works with most hardware, optimized for high quality CD/DVD writers
* Supports a large number of formats: BlindWrite 4.x (.BWT), CloneCD (.CCD), Iso images (.ISO), Cuesheet/Binary (.CUE/.BIN), Alcohol (.MDS)
* Voice notifications for program events
* Extended log information for easy technical support
* Multilingual support

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[appz ] Web Weaver ver.2005.01

Web Weaver - The Ultimate HTML Editor!
Make your own Website in a flash with Web Weaver, the easiest and one of the most popular HTML editors available. Whether you're creating a Web site for work, family, school or fun, Web Weaver is the best tool for the job!

Web Weaver's wizards help you to create professional, eye-catching Web pages. It runs on all Windows platforms - Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP

- Create Tables, Frames, and Forms easily with Web Weaver's Wizards
- Create cool imagemaps for your Web pages!
- Includes Special effects to make your Web page the coolest around!
- Includes an HTML Validator to check your HTML, notify you of errors and make suggestions about your HTML code.
- Create fancy styles and Web page layouts with Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) tools!
- Want to track how many people visit your Web page? Web Weaver 2005 Gold includes a Web page statistics analysis tool for tracking visitor statistics.
- Supports HTML 4.0 tags, ASP, JavaScript, XML and XSL
- Checks for broken links and images in your Web pages.
- Spellchecking and Web site management tools! (Gold version only)
- Hundreds of free images, backgrounds, animated GIFs and free JavaScripts to use in your Web pages!
- Free script for emailing Form submissions from your Web page!
- Global Find and Replace for searching and replacing text in multiple Web pages with the click of a button!
- Includes help files, tutorials and detailed HTML, JavaScript and ASP references
- Online Web (DHTML/Javascript) tutorials which contains beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons in DHTML to help you make your own Website.

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[appz ] RM to AVI MPEG WMV VCD SVCD DVD Converter v3.4

RM to AVI MPEG WMV VCD SVCD DVD Converter is a powerful, splendid, and simple to use application for RM to AVI, RM to MPEG, RM to WMV, RM to VCD, RM to DVD, and RM to SVCD video converting. The main features include: Batch convert RM, RAM and RMVB files to AVI, DVD, VCD, SVCD and MPEG formats; with NTSL/PAL adjustments; You can select different AVI video codecs, and there are NTSC/PAL setting options for DVD, VCD, SVCD, MPEG1 and MPEG2 exporting. The program supports proportional and cropping frames for exporting video. you can customize size of the export file for AVI, MPEG1 and MPEG2 formats. input/output preview;Skinable UI with 3 built-In skins; fill in/proportional options for cropping output video; high audio quality; support for no-sound RM files; and optimized performance for Intel Pentium 3 and 4, and AMD Athlon processors.



[appz ] WinImage v8.0.8000

WinImage is a fully-fledged disk-imaging suite for easy creation, reading and editing of many image formats and fileystems, including DMF, VHD, FAT, ISO, NTFS and Linux. The disk image is an exact copy of a physical disk (floppy, CD-ROM, hard disk, USB, VHD disk, etc.) or a partition that preserves the original structure. With WinImage in place, you can recreate the disk image on the hard drive or other media, view its content, extract image-based files, add new files and directories, change the format, and defragment the image. All this and more is delivered in one intuitive user interface that enables imaging right out of the box.

The program has many utilitarian uses at home and in the office. As a serious PC user, you probably have tons of old but still useful floppy disks. With WinImage in place, you can turn them into disk images, which can be stored on the hard drive and recreated, when a need arises. In combination with a CD creating tool, WinImage can help you create your own custom boot disk with hardware diagnostic or virus cleaning software to bring a problem PC back up and running without being in Windows. As a hard-disk backup solution, WinImage allows you to save hours and even days restoring a system and configurations on a machine that has experienced a hard-disk crash or software corruption. Along with homes and offices, this ability is a must for training classes, where restoring torn down PC configurations quickly is critical.

WinImage has many cool features!
- Create a disk image from a removable drive (like USB drive), CD-ROM, floppy,
- Extract file(s) from a disk image,
- Create empty disk images,
- Inject files and directories into an existing disk image,
- Change a disk image format,
- Defragment a disk image,
- A powerful "Batch assistant" mode that lets you automate many operations,
- And many more!

WinImage uses a modern, cutting edge Windows interface, and is available for Windows 95/98, and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 server in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.



[appz ] Super DVD Creator v9.25

Super DVD Creator was designed to convert and burn video movies such as Asf, Wmv, AVI,DivX,Mpeg,Xvid,RM,RMVB files to DVD VCD SVCD with DVD chapter menu.?? Use this software to create VCD/DVD from your digital video recorder, Webcam, or downloaded files.
Super DVD Creator is a powerful, splendid and simple to use application for AVI / Xvid/ Mov/ Rmvb/ Divx /Rm /Divx /Wmv /Asf to DVD VCD SVCD video converting and Burning..? you can use this software to Creat VCD/DVD from your digital video recorder ,Webcam ,or downloaded files .

Top 4 Reasons To Choose Super DVD Creator :

1. High speed and high Video quality
Super DVD Creator included our Super Encode Engine ,which is much more faster than ever.The Super Encode Engine based on MMX- SSE & 3DNow! technology ,it brings you the advanced and high speed converting method. You did not need to waiting hours and hours converting ,just 60 mins for Full 4.2 GB DVD building time.? On the other hand ,Super dvd creator strongly impressed the user with best video picture quality.Super DVD Creator is guaranteed to deliver the highest quality and personalized DVD, VCD, SVCD Creating experience possible on the PC today.

2. Support AC3 Auido
Super DVD Creator was designed create true Video DVD Disc, so it support Dolby AC3 5.1 audio.With Super DVD Creator you can build your true DVD on your PC.

3. Support DVD Chapter Menu
DVD Chapter Menu, As you know the True DVD include the DVD Chapter Menu ,so you can organizing a large number of clips in one DVD Disc, and easy to play any of the chapter clips on your home DVD Player. With Super DVD Creator you can create true DVD Menu only one click.

4. Support DVD Subtitle (*.srt )file
You can add the DVD Subtitle file to the true DVD now.Super DVD Creator support DVD Subtitle functions. just one click to load the subtitle files. from to today ,you can create true DVD on your PC.

Released: 01.07.2006



[appz ] Spyware Doctor v3.8.0.2582

Best Spyware Protection. Used by Millions World Wide.

Spyware Doctor has been downloaded over 50 Million times; with a million more downloads every week. Millions of people worldwide use Spyware Doctor to protect their identity and PC security.

Spyware Doctor has consistently been awarded Editors' Choice, by leading PC magazines and testing laboratories around the world, including United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Australia. All current versions of Spyware Doctor have won Editors' Choice awards from PC Magazine in United States. In addition, after leading the market in 2005, Spyware Doctor was awarded the prestigious Best of the Year at the end of 2005.

* Recommended by experts and editors around the world as the best Anti-Spyware.
* FREE award-winning customer support for all users.
* Frequent advanced updates ensure that you are always protected.
* Detects, removes and blocks all types of Spyware and Adware threats.
* Easiest to use with intelligent automatic protection.
* 100% Guaranteed.



[appz ] Power Video Converter 1.5.18

Power Video Converter is a versatile and very easy to use tool for video conversion, joint and split. It support convert between AVI, MPEG, WMV, VCD, SVCD, DVD, VOB, DAT. Use it to convert your media files to mpeg (in DVD, SVCD or VCD formats too), to AVI (including the DivX format) and to Windows Media Format. It also enable you to joint some small media files to one in every format and you can split a large film to some small pieces of films. Power Video Converter has a multi-tasks system, which enable you do different tasks (convertion, joint, split) at one time after performing a single click.

Features includes:
- Extreme fast Conversion speed;
- Supports AVI, Divx, xvid, MPEG1, MPEG2, ASF, WMV, VOB, DAT;
- Batch file conversion;
- All supported formats to MPEG1;
- All supported formats to MPEG2;
- All supported formats to VCD, SVCD, DVD (PAL, NTSC);
- All supported formats to AVI (DivX,XviD, MPEG-4);
- All supported formats to Windows Media Format (support custom wmv profile);
- Joints video files to a large one;
- Splits large video file to smaller clips;
- Specifies start and end position while convert and joint;
- Extract sound from all supported formats to mp3, wav, wma;
- Extract images from all supported formats to bmp;
- Backup DVD Disk (.VOB) to all supported formats;
- Backup DVD Disk (.VOB) music to mp3, wav, wma;
- Create custom wmv profile



[appz ] Fake Webcam v1.01

Make fun with your friends, if you r confident and intelligent you can make fool of anybody with this great program. say good bye to cam.



[appz ] All Media Fixer Pro 6.3

All Media Fixer is a handy tool that help you one click to repair media files which can not be played or dragged.

Fix media file can not be played or dragged.
Fix media file which are not completely downloaded.
Fix partly damaged media file.




[appz ] [AIO] Downloaders

Special Downloader All in One

- HiDownload 6.9
- Internet Download 5.03
- Internet Download Accelerator
- Mass Downloader 3.2.651



[appz ] UltraISO Premium Edition

Along with the large capacity hard disk popularity, people were already used to copying compact discs to CD/DVD image files, generally used is the famous ISO 9660 international standards format, therefore CD/DVD image files are called ISO files. Because the ISO file retained complete data information of the compact disc (including compact disc boot information), you were allowed the convenience to use commonly used CD/DVD burning software (for example Nero-Burning ROM ) to record the disc with your CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW over and over forever, it can also be used directly through Virtual CD/DVD-ROM drive software (for example Daemon-Tools ) .

UltraISO is an ISO CD/DVD image file creating/editing/converting tool and a bootable CD/DVD maker , it can directly edit the CD/DVD image file and extract files and folders from it, as well as directly make ISO files from your CD/DVD-ROM or hard disk. At the same time, you can maintain the ISO bootable information, thus creating your own bootable CD/DVDs. You now have the power to make and edit your own ISO files, and then burn them to CD/DVD for your own needs.

UltraISO is in sole possession of the intellectualized ISO document format analyzer, it can process at the present time almost all types of image files, including ISO and BIN, it may even support new image files which are yet to be created. UltraISO can open these image files, directly extract files and folders, edit it and convert other image files to the standard ISO format.

UltraISO uses the double window unification user contact interface, you have the choice to only use the quick buttons and/or the mouse Drag & Drops, you can handle any CD/DVD image file easily.

*) Build-in DVD burning engine, can write all supported (30+) data CD/DVD images to DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/+R DL and DVD-RAM
*) Supports On-the-Fly burning mode
*) Supports compressed ISO image (.ISZ) format with AES256 encryption and heavy compression
*) Can split ISO images up to 100 segments(volumes) with custom size (ZIP-100, CD-650, CD-700 and variable DVD size in bytes)
*) Improved DVD-Video image creation, increases compatibility with home DVD players
*) Can detect and mount ISO images to Virtual CloneDrive (version 5.1.4.x and above)
*) New command line parameter for replacing files in an ISO image with same size file on disk
*) Improved portable environment support, can read registration information from ini file and clear reopen file list (by Ctrl+Alt+H)
*) Fixed a problem with conflicting with Gear Video 8.01
*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes



[appz ] Diskeeper Server Enterprise Edition 10.0.608 Retail

Diskeeper 10 introduces breakthrough I-FAAST™ technology (Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology), poised to revolutionize data access performance on Windows Server platforms worldwide. I-FAAST improves file access and creation by up to 80% (average 10%-20%).

First I-FAAST applies specially-engineered benchmarks to learn disk performance characteristics, and then transparently monitors volumes over time for file access frequency. During special I-FAAST defragmentation jobs, Diskeeper organizes the most commonly used files and applications to increase file access performance. Like other intelligent technologies featured in Diskeeper 10, I-FAAST can automatically adapt to changing usage patterns.

Server performance comes down to one thing: How fast can the drives deliver data? No matter how much you spend on multiple processors and additional memory, that investment is wasted if the hard drive can't deliver data in a timely manner. Even high-end RAID controllers and Storage Area Networks can't overcome the effects of fragmentation: If the operating system breaks the file up, then your disk array will store it accordingly. The only way to keep files contiguous so they can be accessed quickly is with routine defragmentation.

This problem cannot be solved manually; after all, what organization can afford the hours of downtime it would take to defragment each server daily, let alone enterprise-level servers? Infrequent defragmentation is no better: Fragmentation builds exponentially, and every day sees a decrease in performance and an increase in the likelihood of fragmentation-related downtime. Automatic defragmentation is the only solution.

Only Diskeeper Server Enterprise Edition includes the advanced technology enterprise-level servers need to stay ahead of the growing server-necrosis of disk fragmentation. That vital functionality comes in the form of the cutting-edge exclusive Terabyte Volume Engine™ (TVE); defragmentation light years ahead of built-in utilities. Now, running TVE on a small volume with only a couple thousand files would likely provide no added benefit. Why? Because TVE's architectural paradigm was uniquely formulated for today's and tomorrow's volumes with tens of thousands and even millions of files. TVE, now more thorough than ever, powers through fragmentation 5 times faster than even the industry's fastest defragmentation engine found in Diskeeper Server Standard. The greater the number of files and fragments on a volume, the more dramatic TVE's benefits will be.



[appz ] Quicken Legal Business Pro 2006

Everything you need to start and run your business, easily and efficiently!
You don't need an attorney to start and run a business -- most of the legal work involved simply requires reliable information and the right documents. With Quicken Legal Business Pro 2006, you'll get everything you need to get the job done.

Quicken Legal Business Pro brings these five Nolo bestsellers together in one easy-to-use software package:
* Legal Guide for Starting & Running a Small Business
* Tax Savvy for Small Business
* Everyday Employment Law: The Basics
* Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business
* Marketing Without Advertising
* With over 140 legal forms, you'll have access to the documents you need, when you need them. You can also take notes, create bookmarks and read real-world examples of situations you're likely to face.

Completely updated, Quicken Legal Business Pro provides:
* interactive "How to" checklists that guide you through complex tasks, such as writing a business plan, hiring employees, starting an LLC -- and more
* over 140 contracts, forms, letters and worksheets
* five completely searchable Nolo business bestsellers

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[appz ] HiDownload ver. 6.7

HiDownload is a multi-threaded download manager that allows you to download individual files (or lists of files) from web and FTP sites while maximizing the potential of your internet connection. It also supports multimedia streaming and and RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) with optional resume, enabling you to download movies, music and capture streaming video and audio,record radio from Internet. HiDownload also offers a tool to analyze MMS/RTSP URLs, as well as a built-in Broadcast Manager. In addition, it provides all the standard features of a download manager, including scheduling, drop basket, download history, clipboard monitoring, download categories as well as zip preview and more..

more info:


[appz ] WinAVI 3GP-MP4-PSP-iPod Video Converter ver. 2.2

WinAVI iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Video Converter is software for MP4/3GP file conversion of portable video device such as iPod/PSP, It can convert almost all video formats, for e.g., DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI to iPod/PSP or other portable video device, MP4 player or smart phone. It has an unmatchable speed and high quality. And it supports transport your video files to your iPod/PSP directly.
WinAVI iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Video Converter let you enjoy the film with your iPod/PSP. It is a must-have for anyone who wants to see video on iPod/PSP or other portable video devices.

. Converts all formats to Apple iPod Video.
. Converts all formats to Sony PSP.
. Converts all formats to MP4 format that can be played on general portable video device such as MP4 player.
. World's fastest video conversion speed.
. User-friendly interface that is easy to use.
. Transport video files to iPod/PSP directly. No need to install iTunes or other softwares.
. Supports batch conversion.
. Stunning video and audio quality.
. Supports clip/zoom/soften the video.
. Supports adjust many video/audio options for MP4 files. For example, video/audio sample rate, bit rate, video size...
. Has the option to preview the video in real-time.
. Has the option to automatically shutdown your computer when the conversion has been completed.

To run WinAVI iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4 Video Converter, the system requirements are:
Minimum: Pentium II 233 PC or higher, 32MB RAM or more.
Recommend: Pentium III 450 PC or higher, 64MB RAM or more.
The operating system should be Windows 95, 98/98SE, Me, NT4, 2000 or XP/2003.



[appz ] WinAVI Video Converter 7.6

WinAVI Video Converter is easy to use and powerful for experts. Just one click to convert with beautiful user interface. Burning VCD/SVCD/DVD is supported. It supports almost all video file formats, including AVI, MPEG1/2/4, VCD/SVCD/DVD, DivX, XVid, ASF, WMV, RM, QuickTime MOV, Flash SWF. And it has a powerful video decompress/compress engine that convert whole AVI movie to DVD in 1 hours. Whatre you waiting for? Just use this software to convert your AVI to DVD and enjoy it now!

It supports convert:
- AVI to DVD
- AVI to VCD
- AVI to MPG
- All video format to DVD/VCD/SVCD/MPEG
- All video format to AVI/WMV/RM
- Quicktime MOV convert
- Flash SWF convert
- DirectAC3 technology, supports AC3 5.1 Only in world
- Burning vcd/svcd/dvd



[appz ] URLBase v6.0.0.1075 Pro

URLBase Professional Edition is an internet shortcut manager with integrated RSS feed reader, that allows you to manage all your favorite URLs and feeds in databases and across different browsers. You can import, export and synchronize your links from browser to browser, export them to (customizable) HTML format or share your link collection by e-mail. URLBase can also validate links and check for duplicates, allowing you to keep your links accurate and up to date.



[appz ] IsoBuster Pro ver.

IsoBuster is an award winning , highly specialized and easy to use CD and DVD data recovery tool. It supports all CD and DVD formats and all common CD and DVD file-systems... Rescue lost files from a bad or trashed CD or DVD disc, save important documents, precious pictures, video from the family, your only system backup, ...
Start up IsoBuster, Insert a CD or DVD, select the drive (if not selected already) and let IsoBuster mount the media. IsoBuster immediately shows you all the tracks and sessions located on the media, combined with all file-systems that are present. This way you get easy access, just like explorer, to all the files and folders per file-system. Instead of being limited to one file-system that the OS picks for you, you have access to "the complete picture". Access data from older sessions, access data that your OS (e.g. Windows) does not see or hides from you etc.

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