Saturday, May 06, 2006.

VectorLinux 5.1.1 Final Release [ISO][FTP+HTTP]

Left the new, final version of distributiva VectorLinux 5.1.1 soho. This system is intended exclusively for the domestic users, that work predominantly with the office applications, and also for the colleagues of small firms. The system, based on Slackware, includes the graphic shells KDE 3.4.2 and XFce 4. Into its composition enter 2.0, Firefox 1.5, Scribus, GIMP, MPlayer, plaginy for the work from mul’timedia. VectorLinux has a support of scanner and printer, tools for the automatic connection of disks and digital cameras. Distributiv it is characterized by the fact that it requires a little disk space and working storage for the work, and it means, it can be established even on the weak computers.

SoHo edition 5.1.1 / SoHo Live edition 5.1.2

Standard edition 5.1


Real Player 10.5 Premium Plus

Helix Powered RealPlayer is the all-in-one digital media player that lets you find anything and play everything. This popular streaming-media player offers improved video controls and access to 3200 radio stations. Now also includes an option during setup to install the Real Toolbar for Internet Explorer. With this version you get an improved graphic equalizer and media services, including a radio tuner and an artist and music guide. Meanwhile, the Take 5 news service can offer you daily sports updates. A new contextual video search helps you find interviews with your favorite artists. The RealPlayer music store lets you buy music files. Finally, you can use the software to transfer files to CDs and portable devices.

Features of RealPlayer 10.5 :
# Best video & audio quality ever
# Plays CDs, DVDs and all major file types.
# Integrated Music Store
# Harmony™ Technology – download music to 100+ secure portable devices
# Download selected songs for only 49¢ in RealPlayer
# Online Radio: Over 3200 stations worldwide & 60 ad-free stations for endless listening.
# Expanded Controls: Optimize sound with the 10-Band Graphic Equalizer and get the sharpest picture with advanced video controls.
# Advanced CD Burning: Rip, mix & burn CDs like a pro - fast! Encode MP3s at up to 320kbps.
# Play Everything: RealOne Player plays all major media formats including Quicktime MPEG-4, Windows Media, DVDs, & more.
# Easy, Fun & Intuitive: Browse the web, organize audio & video files, create playlists, & more!



TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress Ver.

TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress is a High quality Video encoder software, based on the famous “TMPGEnc Plus 2.5? and completely reworked to offer beginner and advanced users, the ease of work and quality that can be expected from a modern software. TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress natively supports source files in MPEG-1/2 format, unprotected DVD-Video VOB, Windows Media Video®, uncompressed AVI and QuickTime® files.
Furthermore, the code has been optimized to take advantage of the Intel® Prescott® SSE-3 acceleration to output MPEG files with higher performance and without losing quality. Output format is no more limited to MPEG,
TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress offers native interface for Windows Media Video®.
It has also introduced the XDVD (extended DVD) format, a unique and original format
that allows to make MPEGs for High Image Quality and Long Playing DVD’s,
pushing the DVD-Video standard to its limits!!!
*TMPGEnc 3.0 XPress supports TMPGEnc Sound Plug-in AC-3 (Dolby Digital 2ch audio).



iTunes v6.0.4.2

Tunes lets you create your own personal digital music library, allowing you to manage and play your music collection with drag-and-drop simplicity. iTunes, the software part of the equation that lets you pack 7,500 songs in your pocket, automatically synchronizes with the sensational new iPod at high speeds over FireWire. iTunes gives you the ability to generate dynamic Smart Playlists that reflect your preferences and listening habits. With iTunes it’s easy to create CDs that play back on in your car, your home stereo, Macs and on Windows-based PCs. iTunes 4 adds the ability to share music among your Macs, play and encode AAC files, and view album art. QuickTime included.

Windows Requirements
* Windows XP or 2000 (latest service packs recommended)
* 500 MHz Pentium class processor or better
* QuickTime 7.0.4 (included)
* 256MB RAM
* Supported CD-R or DVD-R drive to burn CDs
* Broadband Internet connection (DSL/Cable/LAN) for buying and streaming music

Additional Video Requirements
* 1.5 GHz Pentium class processor or better
* 32MB video RAM



webcamXP Pro 2006 v2.25.090 (serial)

webcamXP is an utility that allows you to share your webcam with everyone without having to set a web server on your computer. the web server is integrated to the software and needs only a few configuration parameters such as server port and local directory... It also allows you to do much more like home monitoring with alerts, online gallery and the design of the internal website is customizable. It's the first webcam software that enables the clients connecting to your webcamXP server to watch your webcam using a flash based technology with a great smoothing effect between pictures (java is still available if you prefer). don't wait any longer and just try the next generation webcam software... features : - very easy to setup - supports up to 5 cameras on the same computer - flash client module with images smoothing - fast & double buffered java client module - http server AND ftp upload mode integrated - motion detector and alert manager - generates and broadcast a gallery from your latest pictures - ban ip / password protect to prevent unwanted visitors - add you text over the picture - detailed visitors activites / log files - customize the position, the size or even add stroke to your overlay texts - real-time effects can be added over your pictures - automatically refreshes at the maximum speed if no limit fixed - no need to open an account on a website the server is on your compute.



The Concise Oxford Dictionary, 9th & 10th Edition

The 9th edition of the Concise Oxford Dictionary is 14 per cent larger than the eighth and it takes further the changes in methodology and presentation that were introduced in its predecessor. These changes were in two main areas: firstly, the use of computer technology; and secondly, the aim of making the information contained in the dictionary more accessible to the user.

With regard to the use of computer technology, the COD has benefited in this edition not only from the availability of the previous edition in the form of an electronically tagged database, but from access to large bodies of corpus and citational evidence. The British National Corpus, a database containing over 100,000,000 words of text, has been the most significant of these, together with the OUP Dictionary Department’s vast computerized collection of selected citations and its other computerized dictionary texts including the twenty-volume Oxford English Dictionary. The gathering of evidence for new words and usages has been greatly enhanced by electronic access to these sources, and the dictionary is now able to incorporate more quickly and reflect more accurately changes that have arisen in the language since the previous edition, with additions being made to the text right up to the time of printing. As a result, this edition contains over 7,000 new words and senses in a wide variety of areas. For example, the growing availability of international cuisine in Britain and elsewhere is reflected by the use in English of terms such as bhaji, fajita, gravlax, penne, sharon fruit, and many others; in the field of politics we have dream ticket, Euro-rebel, placeman, rainbow coalition, and spin doctor; in ecology new terms such as arcology, carr, ecocide, greening, and wind farm have arisen; in science and medicine, blue box, bronchodilator, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Feynman diagram, hyperspace, nicad, packet switching, repetitive strain injury, and wormhole.

Access to large corpora has also facilitated the statistical evaluation of disputed spellings, a reassessment of the hyphenation of compound nouns and a review of the italicization or otherwise of foreign words and phrases. The general trends away from the hyphenating of compound nouns and away from the italicization of foreign words and phrases are now recorded in the dictionary. For example, instead of being hyphenated, aftercare, postdoctoral, and teardrop are now usually written as one word, while boiler room, hand grenade, and taxi driver are usually found as separate words. Similarly, en route, hoi polloi, and tour de force now tend to be written in roman rather than italic script, reflecting their increased assimilation into English. In addition to these changes, some proprietary terms are now recorded in the dictionary with a lower case initial letter, also reflecting general usage (but not affecting their legal proprietary status).

Another important feature of this edition has been the enlisting of special consultants for North American usage, which has enabled us to improve our coverage of this area and to apply geographical labels more accurately. Examples of new North American entries are antsy, badass, ditzy, drywall, all-wheel drive, Latino, pork barrel, road kill, sweat sock, and upchuck.

Special attention has been given to the improvement of coverage in science and technology. Many terms which have become familiar outside the pages of technical books and journals have been added, especially in life sciences (including natural history) and computing, such as accelerator board, biocide, client-server, flash memory, and ketamine, and their definitions seek to balance comprehensibility and precision.

The aim to make the information contained in the dictionary more accessible to the user has resulted firstly in extending the policy of ‘denesting’ begun in the eighth edition. In this edition all compound nouns have been given their own entries rather than being ‘nested’ under their first element. This makes them easier to find and results in fewer extremely long entries. Attention has also been given to making etymologies clearer by minimizing the use of abbreviations and bracketed information and by the use of clearer punctuation. Usage Notes, which were previously buried within entries, have been extracted, expanded, and placed at the end of entries. A clearer style of explanation has been adopted and many more illustrative examples given.Finally, the pronunciations have been thoroughly revised, giving a more up-to-date representation of the standard British English accent (Received Pronunciation) by means of the International Phonetic Alphabet, in line with the system introduced into the New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

9th Edition

10th Edition


Passware Kit Enterprise Edition v7.7 Build 2041

Passware Kit Enterprise recovers all kinds of lost or forgotten passwords for the world’s most popular office application files, including Excel, Word, Windows 2003/XP/2K/NT (both Local and Domain Administrator accounts), Lotus Notes, RAR, WinZip, Access, Outlook, Acrobat, Quicken, QuickBooks, WordPerfect, VBA. All versions of MS Office are supported including the most recent Office 2003. Passware Kit can recover passwords for opens, write reservations, workbooks and worksheets, templates and documents, Personal Folders files, form designs, databases and access user accounts. Lotus Notes Key module recovers passwords for Lotus Notes user ID files. ZIP password recovery module decrypts most of WinZip archives in less than an hour with new SureZip recovery.

Both Passware Kit and Passware Kit Enterprise include the following password recovery modules:

| 1-2-3 Key | Acrobat Key | ACT Key | Backup Key | BestCrypt Key | FileMaker Key | Internet Explorer Key | Mail Key | Money Key | MYOB Key | Network Connections Key | OneNote Key | Organizer Key | Outlook Express Key | Paradox Key | Peachtree Key | PowerPoint Key | Quattro Pro Key | QuickBooks Key | Quicken Key | RAR Key | Schedule Key | WordPerfect Key | WordPro Key | and Zip Key



Bandwidth Monitor v2.9.623 DateCode 20060424

Bandwidth Monitor Pro is a utility that displays and logs your network adapters bandwidth usage. It supports logging of all your network adapters at once and has a detailed transfer history.

Included is an advanced alert system where you can set up rules to execute various actions like send e-mail, play sounds, execute files, shutdown, etc. when certain conditions are meet.

You can let Bandwidth Monitor Pro run in the background and it will log all your incoming and outgoing traffic for you to view later in the transfer log, or in real time if you wish.

  • Supports logging of all adapters at once
  • Separate statistics for each adapter
  • Displays data in both bit and byte values
  • Detailed transfer history
  • Detailed transfer graph
  • Small transfer graph in systray
  • Advanced alert system
  • Adjustable translucency level
  • Transparent background
  • Customizable layout
  • Customizable colors
  • Two different graph types
  • Time synchronization feature
  • Can run as a service
  • Auto check for new version
  • Auto start with Windows
  • Minimize to systray
  • Always on top



Web Gallery Wizard PRO v1.5.31

Web Gallery Wizard PRO enables you to create web photo galleries without the need for any HTML coding. The program includes a set of attractive templates that you can choose from and can upload your gallery to your FTP server, using the built-in upload tool. The program offers very little flexibility, and other than adding captions for your images, you have no control over the output, which makes it very easy to use, but also limits the functionality and makes it mostly suitable for non technical users or beginners. Web Gallery Wizard PRO allows you to maintain multiple galleries, and you can update them as new images are added.



WYSIWYG Web Builder v3.2

Web Builder 3.x is a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) program used to create web pages. WYSIWYG means that the finished page will display exactly the way it was designed. The program generates HTML (HyperText Markup Language) tags while you point and click on desired functions; you can create a web page without learning HTML. Just drag and drop objects to the page position them 'anywhere' you want and when you're finished publish it to your web server (using the build in Publish tool). Web Builder gives you full control over the content and layout of your web page. No HTML knowledge needed! Drag and drop of the HTML objects: Text, Lines, Images, Marquees and Tables. Site Management. Easily add, edit, clone and structure your web pages from a single file. Customizable menus, toolbars, keyboard accelerators, dockable windows, tabs, autohide windows. Form layout object to create forms, including actions, hidden fields etc. Supports Form fields: Editbox, TextArea, Checkbox, Radiobutton, Combobox and Button. Rich text support: text object can contain different fonts, colors, links and sizes. Option to add custom HTML for each object (Before Tag, Inside Tag, After Tag). ActiveX, JAVA, Flash, Windows Media player, Quicktime and other Plug-In support. Publish your entire web site, a single page or a group of pages (to local drive or a web server). Easy Photo Gallery creation. Build-in Banner creator. Rollover images. Navigation bars Ready-to-use Javascripts Template support. Already more than 100 templates available! Insert Symbols (special characters). Rotating Image component (useful for Ad Banners). Support for third-party add-ons, using the Web Builder Component Developers Kit. Import existing HTML pages! Hyperlink Style Sheet, to customize the colors/formatting of hyperlinks Page transitions in Page Properties. Inline Frame component (IFRAME) Go menu component: easily create a drop-down navigation menus. Menubar component: powerful menu script that can mimic complex menus found in popular GUI applications. Shape component. Embedded OLE component.



Advanced Internet Kiosk v3.1

Advanced Internet Kiosk is intended for building Internet kiosks, public access PCs, or in-store terminals. It lets you disable access to files installed on your PC and prevent users from changing PC settings while gives full access to all necessary applications you specify including Internet Explorer. As a result, many people may have free access to a workstation you create, but none of them can damage (whether accidentally or intentionally) vital system files or stuff hard disk with garbage. Advanced Internet Kiosk supports multiple authentication methods such as username and password authentication, time-locked code (lets users access workstation for a given period of time only) or a combination of both. This program is also ideal for home PCs to limit children activities and prevent important files from being accidentally damaged.



EZB Systems EasyBoot v5.0.9.553

The original native OS system CDs are disappointing -- not to mention Windows 98 or Windows NT/2000, and even Windows XP, only now can you realize and control initial system installs. OEM CDs lack the hard disk partitioning tools, system restore and other useful tools. Although there are others who have created these "all in 1" CDs, these are built by some specialized man who doesn't know exactly what you want or need. These CDs are also of a general nature not to mention huge and lengthy to download. These MultiBoot CDs being sold by others may not satisfy the individual needs or demands you require. EasyBoot is an integrated tool to create MultiBoot, Menu driven CDs & DVDs with native language. It has the ability to automatically produce boot image files, and generate the ISO file as well. Using your CD/DVD Recording software such as Nero or Roxio to Record the ISO, you get a bootable CD/DVD that completely belongs to you. You can customize it with your company's name or slogan or even use it for your clients.



Collectorz Book Collector Pro v4.61

Book Collector is a program for making a database of your book library: paperbacks, hardcovers, magazines, bundles, and other book formats. Adding books to the database is quick and easy because all information is automatically downloaded from book database sites (e.g. Library of Congress) and online book stores on the internet. The resulting list can be sorted, searched, grouped, printed or exported to HTML or ASCII.


Thursday, May 04, 2006.

Green Day - Bullet In A Bible 2005

  1. American Idiot
  2. Jesus Of Suburbia: Jesus Of Suburbia / City Of The Damned / I Don't Care / Dearly Beloved / Tales Of
  3. Holiday
  4. Are We Waiting
  5. St. Jimmy
  6. Longview
  7. Hitchin' A Ride
  8. Brain Stew
  9. Knowledge
  10. Basket Case
  11. King For A Day / Shout
  12. Wake Me Up When September Ends
  13. Minority
  14. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
  15. Maria
  16. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)



Erykah Badu

Artist : Erykah Badu
Album : Live
Bitrate : VBR kbps

Source : CD
Label : Universal
Year : 1997
Genre : Soul
Ripper : Exact Audio Copy
Rip date : 2006-04-09
Store date : 1997-00-00
Rip tool : EAC
Size : 111 megs

1. Rimshot (Intro) 3:48
2. Other Side of the Game 8:21
3. On & On 5:25
4. Reprise 2:13
5. Apple Tree 2:54
6. Ye Yo 6:07
7. Searching 4:26
8. Boogie Nights - All Night 6:03
9. Certainly 7:06
10. Stay 4:57
11. Next Lifetime (Interlude) 1:27
12. Tyrone 3:55
13. Next Lifetime 12:11
14. Tyrone (Extended Version) 5:40




Artist : Erykah Badu
Album : World Wide Underground
Bitrate : VBR kbps

Source : CD
Label : Motown
Year : 2003
Genre : Soul
Ripper : Exact Audio Copy
Rip date : 2006-04-09
Store date : 2003-00-00
Rip tool : EAC
Size : 67 megs

1. World Keeps Turnin' (Intro) 1:39
2. Bump It 8:49
3. Back in the Day (Puff) 4:46
4. I Want You 10:53
5. Woo 3:14
6. The Grind 2:49
7. Danger 5:49
8. Think Twice 3:02
9. Love of My Life Worldwide 5:26
10. World Keeps Turnin' (Outro) 4:01




New Kids on the Block - Collections .Sony BMG. 2006 BFHMP3

new kids on the bmg.-2006
  1. new kids on the block-cover girl
  2. new kids on the block-didnt i (blow your mind this)
  3. new kids on the block-step by step
  4. new kids on the block-youve got it (the right stuf)
  5. new kids on the block-hangin tough
  6. new kids on the block-please dont go girl
  7. new kids on the block-where do i go from here
  8. new kids on the block-stop it girl
  9. new kids on the block-be my girl
  10. new kids on the block-ill be loving you (forever)

rename .EMT to .rar and extract


Mary J Blige-The Breakthrough-2005-mvp

  1. no one will do
  2. enough cryin featuring brook
  3. about you featuring
  4. be without you
  5. gonna breaktrough featuring brook
  6. good woman down
  7. take me as i am
  8. baggage
  9. cant hide from luv featuring jay-z
  10. mjb da mvp
  11. cant get enough
  12. aint really love
  13. i found my everything featuring raphael saadiq
  14. father in you
  15. alone featuring dave young
  16. one mary j. blige featuring u2
  17. so lady featuring raphael saadiq (bonus track)

Rename .EMT to .rar and extract


Goo Goo Dolls - Let Love In 2006

1. Stay With You
2. Let Love In
3. Feel The Silence
4. Better Days
5. Without You Here
6. Listen
7. Give A Little Bit
8. Can't Let It Go
9. We'll Be Here (When You're Gone)
10. Strange Love
11. Become



Aaliyah - Ultimate

Artist : Aaliyah
Album : Ultimate
Genre : R&B
Bitrate : VBR kbps avg
Source : CD (LP)
Playtime : 01:50:48 (173 MB)
Rls date : 2005-05-02

Disc 1/2
1. Aaliyah - One In A Million 4:33
2. Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew 4:52
3. Aaliyah - Hot Like Fire 4:24
4. Aaliyah - The One I Gave My Heart To 4:31
5. Aaliyah - Got To Give It Up 4:42
6. Aaliyah - 4 Page Letter 4:53
7. Aaliyah - We Need A Resolution (Feat. 4:03 Timbaland)
8. Aaliyah - Rock The Boat 4:35
9. Aaliyah - More Than A Woman 3:50
10.Aaliyah - I Care 4 U 4:36
11.Aaliyah - Try Again 4:46
12.Aaliyah - Back And Forth 3:51
13.Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody 4:27
14.Aaliyah - Don't Know What To Tell Ya 5:03
15.Aaliyah - Miss You 4:07
16.Aaliyah - At Your Best 4:50

Disc 2/2
1. Aaliyah - Are You Feelin' Me 3:12
2. Aaliyah - Messed Up 3:36
3. Aaliyah - Come Back In One Piece (Feat. DMX) 4:20
4. Aaliyah - I Don't Wanna 4:16
5. Aaliyah - Man Undercover (Feat. Timbaland) 4:44
6. Aaliyah - John Blaze (Feat. Missy Elliott) 4:02
7. Aaliyah - I Am Music (Feat. Timbaland And 4:01Static Of Playa)
8. Aaliyah - More Than A Woman (Bump N Flex Club 5:30 Mix)
9. Wyclef Jean & Timbaland - Hold On (Dedication 5:04 To Aaliyah)



[mp3m] Everlast - Whitey Ford Sings the Blues

1. The White Boy Is Back
2. Money (Dollar Bill)
3. Ends
4. What It's Like
5. Get Down
6. Sen Dog
7. Tired
8. Hot To Death
9. Painkillers
10. Prince Paul
11. Praise The Lord
12. Today (Watch Me Shine)
13. Guru
14. Death Comes Callin'
15. Funky Beat
16. The Letter
17. 7 Years
18. Next Man



Spin Doctors - Pocket Full of Kryptonite

1. Jimmy Olsen's Blues
2. What Time Is It?
3. Little Miss Can't Be Wrong
4. Forty Or Fifty
5. Refrigerator Car
6. More Than She Knows
7. Two Princes
8. Off My Line
9. How Could You Want Him
10. Shinbone Alley/Hard To Exist



Candlebox - Candlebox

1. Don't You
2. Change
3. You Listen
4. No Sense
5. Far Behind
6. Blossom
7. Arrow
8. Rain
9. Mothers Dream
10. Cover Me
11. He Calls Home



Hoobastank - Every Man For Himself (2006)

01. The Rules 0:52
02. Born To Lead 3:48
03. Moving Forward 4:27
04. Inside Of You 3:08
05. The First Of Me 5:24
06. Good Enough 3:21
07. If I Were You 4:18
08. Without A Fight 3:20
09. Don't Tell Me 4:12
10. Look Where We Are 3:28
11. Say The Same 4:01
12. If Only 3:28
13. More Than A Memory 7:15
14. Finally Awake 4:02
15. Waiting 3:05

pass: RNS


Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam (2006)

1. Life Wasted
2. World Wide Suicide
3. Comatose
4. Severed Hand
5. Marker In The Sand
6. Parachutes
7. Unemployable
8. Big Wave
9. Gone
10. Wasted Reprise
11. Army Reserve
12. Come Back
13. Inside



The Who [9 Albums]

The Who - The Who Sings My Generation

1. Out In The Street
2. I Don't Mind
3. The Good's Gone
4. La La La Lies
5. Much Too Much
6. My Generation
7. The Kids Are Alright
8. Please, Please, Please
9. It's Not True
10. The Ox
11. A Legal Matter
12. Instant Party

The Who - A Quick one

1. Run Run Run
2. Boris The Spider
3. I Need You
4. Whiskey Man
5. Heatwave
6. Cobwebs And Strange
7. Don't Look Away
8. See My Way
9. So Sad About Us
10. A Quick One, While He's Away
11. Batman
12. Buckett
13. Barbara Ann
14. Disguises
15. Doctor, Doctor
16. I've Been Away
17. In The City
18. Happy Jack (Acoustic Version)
19. Man With The Money
20. My Generation/Land Of Hope And Glory

The Who - The Who Sell Out

1. Armenia City In The Sky
2. Heinz Baked Beans
3. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
4. Odorono
5. Tattoo
6. Our Love Was
7. I Can See For Miles
8. I Can't Reach You
9. Medac
10. Relax
11. Silas Stingy
12. Sunrise
13. Rael 1
14. Rael 2
15. Glittering Girl
16. Melancholia
17. Someone's Coming
18. Jaguar
19. Early Morning Cold Taxi
20. Hall Of The Mountain King

The Who - Tommy

The Who - Tommy
Its a little hard with this as I havent
finished the download and there are
a few diferent versions as it was 1
of the most popular albums ever
so here is a start.

1. Overture
2. It's A Boy
3. 1921
4. Amazing Journey
5. Sparks
6. Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)
7. Christmas
8. Cousin Kevin
9. The Acid Queen
10. Underture
11. Do You Think It's Alright?
12. Fiddle About
13. Pinball Wizard
14. There's A Doctor
15. Go To The Mirror!
16. Tommy Can You Hear Me?
17. Smash The Mirror
18. Sensation
19. Miracle Cure
20. Sally Simpson

The Who - Who's Next

1. Baba O'Riley
2. Bargain
3. Love Ain't For Keeping
4. My Wife
5. The Song Is Over
6. Getting In Tune
7. Going Mobile
8. Behind Blue Eyes
9. Won't Get Fooled Again
10. Pure And Easy
11. Baby Don't You Do It
12. Naked Eye
13. Water
14. Too Much Of Anything
15. I Don't Even Know Myself
16. Behind Blue Eyes

The Who - Quadrophenia

1. I Am The Sea
2. The Real Me
3. Quadrophenia
4. Cut My Hair
5. The Punk And The Godfather
6. I'm One
7. The Dirty Jobs
8. Helpless Dancer
9. Is It In My Head?
10. I've Had Enough

Disc: 2
1. 5:15
2. Sea And Sand
3. Drowned
4. Bell Boy
5. Doctor Jimmy
6. The Rock
7. Love, Reign O'er Me

The Who - Odds & Sods

1. I'm The Face
2. Leaving Here
3. Baby Don't You Do It
4. Summertime Blues
5. Under My Thumb
6. Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand
7. My Way
8. Faith In Something Bigger
9. Glow Girl
10. Little Billy
11. Young Man Blues (Studio Version)
12. Cousin Kevin Model Child
13. Love Ain't For Keeping
14. Time Is Passing
15. Pure And Easy
16. Too Much Of Anything
17. Long Live Rock
18. Put The Money Down
19. We Close Tonight
20. Postcard

The Who - The Who by Numbers

1. Slip Kid
2. However Much I Booze
3. Squeeze Box
4. Dreaming From The Waist
5. Imagine A Man
6. Success Story
7. They Are All In Love
8. Blue, Red, And Grey
9. How Many Friends
10. In A Hand Or A Face
11. Squeeze Box
12. Behind Blue Eyes
13. Dreaming From The Waist

The Who - Face Dances

1. You Better You Bet
2. Don't Let Go The Coat
3. Cache Cache
4. The Quiet One
5. Did You Steal My Money
6. How Can You Do It Alone
7. Daily Records
8. You
9. Another Tricky day
10. I Like Nightmares
11. It's In You
12. Somebody Saved Me
13. How Can You Do It Alone
14. The Quiet One

[thanks frankd@warezbb]


System of A Down - Lonely Day

Artist: System of a Down
Album: Lonely Day
Label: Sony/BMG
Genre: Alternative
QUALITY: VBRkbps/44,1/Joint-Stereo
YEAR: 2006
SIZE: 25,7 MB
RELEASE DATE: Apr-07-2006

Track Listings
01 lonely day 02:48
02 shame (system of a down and wu-tang clan) 02:41
03 snowblind 04:40
04 metro 03:00
05 marmalade 03:02



pass: tex


Metallica - The Golden Unplugged Album (2006)

Track Listings
01. Mama Said
02. Low Man’s Lyric
03. Helpless
04. Four Horsemen
05. Poor Twisted Me
06. Nothing Else Matters
07. Creeping Death
08. Tuesday’s Gone
09. Last Caress
10. Low Man’s Lyric
11. Helpless
12. Last Caress
13. Nothing Else Matters



Suzi Quatro - If You Can't Give Me Love

Quatro - If You Can't Give Me Love
Mp3 | 192 kbps | 75,3 mb | covers

Compilation of her Greatest Hits featuring 'Breakdown', 'Tired of Waiting', the Race is In' and Many Others.

Track Listings
1. Can The Can
2. Daytona Demon
3. All Shook Up
4. Keep A Knockin'
5. I May Be Too Young
6. I Bit Off More Than I Cou
7. Four Letter Words
8. Rolling Stone
9. Wake Up Little Susie
10. Heartbreak Hotel
11. Love Hurts
12. Don't Break My Heart
13. I've Never Been In Love
14. Mama's Boy
15. The Race Is On
16. If You Can't Give Me Love



VueScan Pro v8.3.40

VueScan is an easy to use scanner program that saves you time and improves your productivity. VueScan saves you money by letting you continue using your existing scanner, and it gives you higher quality scans than the software that comes with your scanner.
VueScan supports more than 500 scanners and 209 digital camera raw files.
VueScan changes nothing on your system, installs nothing in your operating system and all other scanner software will continue to function.


fix :

older version
VueScan Professional Edition v8.3.32
DownloadKrak: vuescan v.8.3.32

VueScan Pro v8.3.31
OS Win all -
OS Linux -


REALbasic 2006 Professional

REALbasic Professional Edition includes all of the capabilities of REALbasic Standard Edition and adds these Professional Edition features:
Cross-platform compilation

REALbasic Professional Edition lets you create software for Windows, Linux and Macintosh from a single code base.

Supported versions are:
Windows 98/NT/Me/2000/XP
Mac OS X and Classic Mac OS
Any x86-based Linux distribution with GTK+ 2.0 (or higher), glibc-2.3 (or higher) and CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System), which includes:

Novell Linux Desktop
Red Hat Desktop
Extended database support

REALbasic Professional Edition adds the ability to connect to multi-user database servers like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, FileMaker Server, MySQL, Sybase, Openbase, Frontbase, 4D Server or any ODBC data source. Note: Microsoft SQL Server ODBC drivers for Mac OS X are available from Actual Technologies.
Container controls

REALbasic Professional enables you to create reusable custom controls that save time, reduce code complexity and promote a consistent user interface. Container controls may be exported and reused by any other REALbasic Professional Edition user.
Console applications

REALbasic Professional Edition can create command line applications that can run in the background or when no user is logged in to the computer.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

The Professional Edition provides the ability to make secure internet connections using SSL.
AutoDiscovery class

The AutoDiscovery class is used to create network-aware applications that require no set-up by the end user. A REALbasic application that uses AutoDiscovery can find other AutoDiscovery-enabled applications on the network and establish a connection automatically.
Cross-platform remote debugging

REALbasic Professional Edition includes a remote debugger that enables you to observe your code execution on one computer as it runs on another computer. The remote debugger enables you to write your code on Windows, for example, and test it on Linux and Macintosh. Because the remote debugger is based on the TCP/IP protocol, you can even use the remote debugger to test your application on a machine in another location, such as a customer site.
ServerSocket control

Enables the rapid development of highly scalable TCP/IP server applications. Automatically manages incoming connections and scales to thousands of simultaneous connections. See the article "Write a Webserver in 100 Lines of Code or Less" as an example.


Name: Real Basic


3GP Movie Studio ver. 1.00.102

Join the video ringtone revolution! Audio ringtones are yesterdays news – modern cell phones allow moving pictures combined with audio to be used as ringtones. 3GP Movie Studio is the perfect tool for getting creative and making your very own video ringtone. The program allows you to create your own 3GP compatible video ringtones and transfer them to your cellular phone using WAP download, Bluetooth, infrared or cable connections. Video and audio clips are added per drag and drop from the integrated media file browser. Up to six tracks of audio can be mixed. Transitions between video clips are created by overlapping clips and a large number of amazing transitions are available. You can also import your favourite tracks from music CDs or record audio tracks using the soundcard on your computer. Editing your ringtones is a breeze with 3GP Movie Studio. You can easily crop clips, adjust the volume and even apply amazing studio effects like echo, reverb or equalizing. The possibilities are endless!

pass: peb


Nokia Media Studio 2.0.2

Blazing fast DVD to Nokia transfers. Put a DVD on your cellphone in less than 40 minutes. Enjoy tv-series, home movies, and even feature films on your Nokia mobile phone and watch them in great quality, in full screen landscape mode.
A memorycard as small as 128 Mb is enough to store a full length feature film, or up to a hundred minutes of other content. Take your video’s and movies on the plane, train or automobile, watch them on vacation, at work or at school. With only two clicks, this PC software converts the content of any video file (AVI, MPEG, DivX, etc.), from any drive (harddisk, CD, DVD, removable) to a super small movie, which will play on any Nokia Symbian device, from a postage stamp size memory card. You can use a headset or the built-in speaker to listen to the sound. Subtitled and foreign language DVDs are also supported. You wil have to see the quality to believe it, using supreme MPEG4 encoding, feature films look crisp and sharp on your cellular phone and still fit on a relatively small multimediacard.
Nokia Media Studio is now the fastest software available wordwide that does DVD to Nokia transfers.

The following 36 Nokia phones are supported:

NOKIA 3230, 3250, 3600/3650/3660, 6230/6230i, 6233, 6235, 6260, 6270
6280, 6600/6620, 6630/6638, 6670, 6680/6681/6682, 7610, 770, 7710, 9300/9300i
9500, E60, E61, E70, N70, N71, N80, N90, N91, N92, N-Gage

7.1 MB
Pass: keerkon


SmartMovie Converter & Player 3.12 (S60 - SIS)

SmartMovie is a video player for your mobile device, with counterpart PC converter utility. With the converter, you may prepare any video clip for playback on your mobile device.
Play your videos on your mobile device, anywhere, anytime, you need just a few steps:
Convert any video file on your PC into a phone-friendly video file
Upload video into device/memory card
Play the video in SmartMovie Player installed on your mobile device

1.00 - Initial release
2.00 - Support for codecs, brightness, Cyrillic coding (russian subtitles), Italian and Czech languages
2.03 - German and Hungarian languages
2.04 - Turkish, Bulgarian and Swedish languages
2.10 - French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese languages, port to UIQ
2.12 - Crop in UIQ Converter, improved compatibility with Nokia 6600, Dutch language
2.20 - Port to Pocket PC
2.24 - Danish, Polish language
2.30 - Port to Palm OS
2.40 - Port to Windows Mobile SmartPhone
2.42 - Zoom to full-screen feature
2.43 - Finnish language, Dual-channel audio selector in Converter
2.44 - Hebrew language & subtitles, improved compatibility with Nokia 6600
2.45 - Palm Treo600 support (160x160 screen)
2.47 - Greek language & subtitles
2.50 - Chinese, Japanese language & subtitles
2.60 - Port to Symbian Series80, improved performance
2.63 - Improved Converter compatibility, Support for Pocket PC 2003 SE
2.65 - Fixed problems with Pocket PC and SmartPhone 2003 SE
2.71 - Port to Nokia 7710
2.72 - Batch conversion, Send files/player by Bluetooth (in S60 version)
2.73 - Compatibility with Nokia 6680, Panasonic X700, X800
2.76 - Improved performance, bug fixes in Converter
3.00 - Improved performance
3.10 - New video codec, continuous/repeat mode, language selection, support for native resolution of high-res devices, playing movies at 24 fps
3.11 - Right-handed landscape rotation, Adpcm audio decoder
3.12 - Latvian language, increased audio playback frequency


Swift 3D 4.5

There s a reason Swift 3D is the industry-leading 3D vector graphics animation tool. Swift 3D is the only 3D application to directly integrate with Macromedia Flash and provides unrivaled vector rendering quality and output style options. Swift 3D s toolset and interface allow anyone to quickly create 3D content while providing a full set of advanced tools to grow into. With both vector and video export capabilities, Swift 3D provides the entire motion graphics design industry with a powerful, easy to use 3D solution that delivers high quality results for an affordable price.

The #1 3D Vector Solution
- The only 3D technology to offer direct integration with Macromedia Flash
- Unrivaled vector rendering quality, speed and output styles
- Powerful, yet easy-to-use 3D toolset built specifically for Flash designers
- The industry-leading 3D Flash tool of choice by over 45,000 designers
(View Client List)
- Autocropped and transparent raster Flash renderings for smaller file sizes and seamless Flash integration.
- SmartLayer Technology reduces file size and broadens design possibilities...


Virtual DJ v.3.4

Virtual DJ v.3.4


POWER PACK Effect+Skin+Samples


WinXP Manager 4.97.2

WinXP Manager - a powerful tool software for tweaking, optimizing, maintaining and tuning up your Windows XP, it bundles more than 45 different utilities in one.
WinXP Manager it will let your system to be stable, fast, secure and bardian!
For example, Get detailed system and the hardware information; provide auto optimizer for the user without having any advanced knowledge.
WinXP Manager can be used to optimize, tweak, maintain and tune up Windows XP.
By tweaking your system to improve windows startup and shutdown speed, tweaking your hardware to increase system speed and performance; disable some unnecessary services that started with windows.
Find and clean junk files to increase Hard Disk spaces; checks easily registry and repair incorrectly linked registry entries.
Control what is started on Windows startup; set context menus of mouse right clicking; customize desktop, menus, toolbar, notify, logon background settings.
Improve desktop, menus, control panel, windows logon securities, enable several hidden performance options, disable system updates and report error; hide and restrict to access drives, specify which applications are not allowed to be executed, choose a folder and hide its content, change the location of system folders; delete recent files list of a couple of application.
Optimize Internet connection speed, use easily the messenger service to communicate with other, search and find opened ports; tweak your IE easily; change the work location and files of OE to other partition, backup all data of Outlook Express; check automatically invalid URL in your favorite and parse domain name.
Show the collection of Windows utilities; control your computer when you're not at home; apply XP Visual Style to any windows applications; encrypt/decrypt and shred files.
WinXP Manager has a topnotch, easy-to-use user interface that requires no technical knowledge. It is a good assistant of your Windows XP!

- Microsoft .Net Framework




Avast Professional v4.7.827

avast! 4 Professional Edition is a collection of award winning, high-end technologies that work in perfect synergy, having one common goal: to protect your system and valuable data against computer viruses. It represents a best-in-class solution for any Windows-based workstation. This page demonstrates its most important features and provides links to further resources.

Version 4.7.826

April 28, 2006
  • solved problem with installation on Windows NT 4.0 systems
  • fixed the Program Settings menu item in the avast tray icon menu
  • fixed a bug in the data storage that was preventing it from working correctly if the avast folder pathname contained non-Latin characters
  • solved a rare problem that could eventually cause even a crash of the OS during boot (Windows XP)
  • further enhanced compatibility with the latest Windows Vista builds




Forum Proxy Leecher v1.05

Forum Proxy Leecher (FPL) is an intelligent proxy leecher that can extract proxies from various proxy sites and proxy forums even if the proxies are in the attachment. FPL proxy tester module (Bleach) is specially designed for huge list. It can extract the unique proxies from a huge file and rapidly classify them into 3 levels according to their anonymity. Moreover, it's nice that we maintain the leech list and proxyjudge list for you. We ensure that it's an easy and amusing work for you to find proxies.


Super Screen Capture ver.2.7

Super Screen Capture is an all-in-one software for free screen capture. You can capture screen in many ways, including full screen capture, region capture, window capture, scroll capture, directx capture, video screen capture, sound record and etc. You can choose many kinds of output ways, including clipboard, printer, email, editor tool, temp folder, and all popular formats. Super Screen Capture has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Whatever you can see on your screen, Super Screen Capture will easily and fastest capture for your immediate use.


1Click DVD Copy Pro v2.2.1.9

1CLICK DVD COPY - PRO™ is a fast, easy-to-use, full featured software for copying DVD movies onto DVD discs. If the source DVD is larger than 4.7 GB (which is usually the case with Hollywood movies), it can compress the contents so that they fit onto a blank DVD disc without any noticeable loss of quality.
You now have complete control over the final copy. Use the Copy Presets™ or the more advanced features to select what content will be copied and how much compression will be used. With 1CLICK DVD COPY - PRO, you can make a perfect copy with just one click.

Key Features:

  • Copy Presets™ - One click preset for each type of DVD copy.

  • Preview the movie, extras and menus.

  • Include or exclude movie and menus based on preview.

  • Select individual audio, video, and subtitles streams.

  • Control the amount of video compression used.

  • Make additional backup copies without re-copying the DVD.

  • Copy Episodic DVD Movies, TV Series, etc.

  • Copy a movie to your hard drive - great for laptops.

  • Supports copying of Multi-Channel Audio (Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS).

  • Supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies.

  • Supports Dual Layer media.


CyberLink PowerDVD 7 Multilingual.Incl.Keymaker-CORE

No. 1 DVD Experience on the PC

  • Experience the best in video and audio entertainment
  • Feel the vibes with true home theater DTS and Dolby audio
  • Maximize your Notebook's on-the-road performance
  • Get the smartest movie playback features available
  • Connect to your UPnP Network and playback media files



WinRAR.3.51 FULL

Winrar version 3.51 FULL




Corporate Edition (no serial)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006.

Diskeeper Professional Premier Edition v10.0.606.0 retail

Your organization has spent thousands of dollars on powerful workstations for your power users. Not only does Diskeeper 10 Professional Premier Edition keep them running at top speed, but it actually gives these systems improved performance above defragmentation alone, for your user’s most important tasks. How is that possible? The answer lies with new breakthrough I-FAAST™ technology, exclusive to Diskeeper 10.
Intelligent File Access Acceleration Sequencing Technology (I-FAAST) improves
file access and creation by up to 80% (average 10%-20%). Using specially-engineered benchmarks Diskeeper learns disk performance characteristics, and then transparently monitors volumes over time for file access frequency applying proprietary techniques to prevent Diskeeper from being "fooled" by files that have been recently accessed. During special I-FAAST defragmentation jobs, Diskeeper organizes the most commonly used files and applications to increase file access performance. Like other intelligent technologies featured in Diskeeper 10, I-FAAST can automatically adapt to changing usage patterns—so there's no need to reconfigure if the system is transferred to another user.

Intelligent technologies for custom-tailored defragmentation
I-FAAST works in conjunction with other intelligent Diskeeper features, including SmartScheduling™ and I/O Smart™ to determine the best way to keep each individual system running at the best possible levels of speed and reliability without interrupting the user's normal workflow. With Diskeeper 10 Professional Premier Edition, all you do is "Set It and Forget It"! see the benefits and improvements for yourself!


Sunday, April 30, 2006. Professional ver. 7.3.1 - It is a suite of tools for increasing operating system performance. cleanly removes unwanted software from disk drives and dead references from the Windows registry. puts you in control of the Windows start up process, memory monitoring and gives you the power to customize desktop and system settings to fit your needs.

Attention! To use this program you need the administrator rights. Before working with the we recommend that you close all other applications.

System requirements:
OS Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
Minimum screen resolution 640x480
486 processor and above
16 Mb RAM
5 Mb free disk space Clean Uninstaller
When you uninstall different software, temporary files and files not deleted in the process of uninstallation often remain on the hard disk. These files are no longer used, they take up disk space and increase disk access times. With the help of the tool "Clean Uninstaller" you can solve that problem. You can also control the installation process of program, monitor installed files and changes made to the Windows registry system files during installation. Scan Files
When different programs are running, temporary files necessary for the proper functioning those programs are created on hard disk. Quite often these temporary files are not deleted. The temporary files remain on hard disk, occupy the space and sometimes slowing the work of your computer. The tool "Scan Files" is used for periodic cleaning of the computer of temporary and unused files. Scan Registry
Many programs store information about themselves in the Windows registry; these programs add new file extension associations and install components of their own. Far too often, the unistallation methods used by these programs fail to remove their information from the registry adding unnecessary bloat. After several series of installation/uninstallation, the Windows registry becomes bigger and bigger; computer power declines and program access times increase. The "Scan Registry" tool serves for periodic cleaning of the registry and for correcting incorrect registry records. StartUp Manager
Many programs "consider" themselves the most important programs in a system: they place themselves in startup and in a System Tray of a system. This leads to unreasonable using of system resources, of random access memory; and finally, to reducing processor power. As a rule, such programs write information about themselves not in the Start section of the "Startup" menu, but in the Windows registry without leaving the option to the user and complicating the process of checking the autothread process. The "Start Up" tool monitors all records about autothread and allows to delete/add and temporarily disable records. Tweak UI
A set of additional adjustments related to safety, system capacity and user preferences. Adjustments are divided into six groups:
Global - adjustments which allow for changing system files and registration information.
Desktop ? a set of adjustments that can be made to the desktop.
System ? system settings, ways of the loading of a system and devices.
StartMenu ? a change of the interface of a Start menu.
Security ? an adjustment of security of a system.
Ctrl Panel ? a manager of the bars used for the administration of a system. Net Tweaker
"Net Tweak" tool is used for speed increasing of data transfer by changing hidden network settings. With equal speed connection on different computers different speed of data transfer is possible. The thing is TCP/IP is for transfer of packets of data. The packets can be of different degree of compression, of different size, time of life, can have different error repeats? That is why under different settings, equal speed of connection completely different speed of data transfer is possible. Changing settings with the help of "Net Tweak" tool you can get more stable work with bad connection(at the same time you can lose some speed) or you can get higher speed of data transfer with good connection at the expense of stability which will be provided by good connection line anyway. The Privacy
While you are working on your computer the system monitors the so called "history" and saves it. All information about your work in the Internet - when and which sites you visited, of what content, which programs downloaded, with which documents you worked, which and whom you wrote, what you looked for, which folders you opened, what computers you connected to - all that and a lot of other information is left on your computer. Any person who has an access to your PC can easily access this information and monitor practically your every step. Besides he/she can collect compromising information about you. In that situation confidentiality can not be guaranteed. So much accessible information about you not only destroys your privacy but also slows down your computer. All this information is kept on your hard drive, in the system registry. Besides the history of started programs, history of the search, history of last opened documents is constantly loading by the system and "eats" RAM of your computer. "The Privacy" tool will let you work on the computer not leaving traces of your activities. It consists of three basic parts: "Objects to Erase", "Invisible Man" and "File Shredder". Memory Booster
This tool serves for monitoring, cleaning and optimisation of RAM. It is used for increasing of operation system performance and for releasing RAM for usage by other processes. Use this tool for working with applications which require maximum cpu priority and RAM exploitation.
System requirements:

OS Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
Minimum screen resolution 640x480
486 processor and above
16 Mb RAM
5 Mb free disk space

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