Wednesday, April 19, 2006.

WinAce Archiver 2.61

WinAce is an archiving utility with an easy-to-use interface for creating, extracting, and viewing archives. It includes built-in compression for ACE, ZIP, LHA, and MS-CAB formats, and built-in decompression for ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, RAR, ARJ, ARC, GZIP, TAR, and ZOO formats. You can create multi-volume (disk-spanning) archives for ACE and MS-CAB formats and self-extracting archives (sfx) for ACE and ZIP formats.

  • The feature list of WinAce includes:

  • compression of the following formats: ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, JAVA JAR

  • decompression of: ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, RAR, ARC, ARJ, GZip, TAR, ZOO, JAR

  • multi-volume (disk spanning) archives for ACE, ZIP, CAB

  • self-extracting archives (SFX) for ACE and ZIP

  • password encryption & recovery records for data protection

  • Integrity check for ACE, ZIP, LHA, MS-CAB, RAR, ARC, ARJ, GZip, TAR, ZOO, JAR

  • Repair functionality for ACE and ZIP archives

  • Authenticity verification for ACE archives

  • comment files in HTML, ANSI or ASCII for ACE- and ZIP-Archives

  • full command line access (compatible with DOS ACE)

  • detailed information for all archive types

  • Quickviewer for graphic files, Word Documents, HTML pages and ASCII files

  • full drag&drop support

  • complete file-management (copying, moving and deleting of files and directories)

  • optimization of existing archives

  • access to your archives in Windows Explorer and via the context menu (shell extension)

  • table of contents in the "Properties" panel of ACE and ZIP files (shell extension)

  • ... and so much more!

Changes in WinAce 2.61:
  • - The new version fixes a possible exploit concerning a buffer overflow in maliciously manipulated ARJ-Archives.

  • - WinAce 2.6x contains several GUI fixes and improvements and updates for other compression formats.

  • - WinAce now supports the "Zip64" format, which will break the 4 GB barrier for ZIP files.

OS: Windows All
Size: 3.6MB




ISS BlackICE Server Protection v3.6.cpe

BlackICEdelivers bulletproof intrusion detection and personal firewall protection to your PC. It scans your DSL, cable, or dial-up Internet connection looking for hacker activity, much like antivirus programs scan your hard disk looking for viruses. BlackICE will not slow down your PC or your Internet experience.
BlackICE PC Protection protects you in ways the other personal firewalls or antivirus software don't: it detects the attack, identifies and blocks the malicious activity before it can reach your computer, and identifies the attacker and type of attack by name; it fully inspects the contents of each packet, looking for hidden hostile code that personal firewalls cannot detect; it protects you from attack, even from someone you trust, through its dynamic IP address and port blocking.

BlackICE PC Protection is also easy to install, requires no knowledge of networking or the Internet, and begins to protect your system right out of the box.

This update features more than 40 new detection signatures, improved protocol tunneling, enhanced event reporting, expanded configurability, support for Windows XP, and the ability to print from the Events and Intruders tabs.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006.

Winrar 3.60b

WinRar Cracker Edition Suit(3.5+) v1.60 | Patch:


Cinema Craft Encoder SP.v2.70.02.06

Produce Hollywood-quality DVD titles at an affordable price. Professional-grade software MPEG-1/-2 encoder, fastest and best quality in its class. Unprecedented control over the MPEG encoding process. Encode AVI, QuickTime and DV files into pristine, DVD compliant MPEG-2 streams. Plug-in for Adobe Premiere.

New Enhancements (version 2.70):

Changes of GUI
Automatic resolution conversion function on DVD/SVCD/VCD mode
Automatic file size calculation
3:2 pulldown
Automatic adding of encoding pass for more accurate inverse 3:2 pulldown
De-interlacing function
4:1:1 -> 4:2:2 interpolation
Allow adaptive quantization matrices switching for multi-pass VBR
Provide an option of outputting bottom field first stream
Y and C parameters for dithered quantization
Automatic switching of block scan order
Blanking function
Quality improvement in fades on a static scene
Adjustment for black frames
Monochrome encoding mode
Save/load template to/from file
Reuse of the last modified parameter setting
Save/load a chapter list
Shut down the system when finished encoding
Play sound when finished encoding




WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software v5.0.1.1400 retail

Make easy to use Bluetooth wireless connectivity a reality with WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software. WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software offer customers significant cost, performance and integration advantages. BWIDCOMM Bluetooth Software offers customers the most proven, easy porting, broad application support and the most proven Bluetooth stack available.

Broadcom makes it easy and cost effective to integrate Bluetooth capabilities into mobile handsets, wireless headsets, personal computers, computer mouse and keyboard devices, PDAs, game controllers, automobile and industrial equipment.



Microsoft Office 2007 Pro

Office 2007 Pro Enterprise Ed. 12.0.3417.1005

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Norton Internet Security™ 2006

Enjoy your connection to the world. Norton Internet Security™ 2006 gives you the confidence to travel the Internet like never before, protected against viruses, hackers, spyware, and spam. A comprehensive set of security tools, Norton Internet Security helps keep you safe online as you surf and email, swap files, download programs, and chat.

Norton Internet Security includes :

Norton AntiVirus™

Norton™ Personal Firewall

Norton™ Privacy Control

Norton AntiSpam™

Norton™ Parental Control

Key Features
Automatically filters spam and dangerous phishing email.
Automatically removes viruses, Trojan horses, and worms.
Automatically blocks intruders and identity thieves.

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Monday, April 17, 2006.

Ai Roboform v6.69

Roboform is the top-rated Password Manager and Web Form Filler that completely automates password entering and form filling. RoboForm was named PC Magazine Editor's Choice, and CNET's Software of the Year.RoboForm: Memorizes your passwords and Logs You In automatically. Fills long registration and checkout forms with one click. Encrypts your passwords to achieve complete security. Generates random passwords that hackers cannot guess. Fights Phishing by filling passwords only on matching web sites. Defeats Keyloggers by not using keyboard to type passwords. Backs up your passwords, Copies them between computers. Synchronizes passwords between computers using GoodSync. Searches for keywords in your passwords, notes and Internet. Portable: Pass2Go RF runs from USB key, no install needed. PDA-friendly: sync your passwords to Pocket PC and Palm. Neutral: works with Internet Explorer, AOL/MSN, Firefox.




Symantec Ghost Solution Suite v1.1

Symantec Ghost Solution Suite is the industry’s most widely-used enterprise imaging and deployment solution. Its OS deployment, software distribution, and PC migration and retirement features allow enterprise IT staff to easily manage the entire PC lifecycle while reducing support costs. With Ghost Solution Suite, administrators can quickly deploy or restore an OS image or application onto a PC and easily migrate user settings, data and profiles—all without having to physically touch the PC.

Key Features

* Suite includes Symantec Ghost, Symantec Client Migration, and the imaging technology of DeployCenter Library.
* Remote deployment of operating systems and applications with Ghost Console.
* Sector-based and file-based disk imaging creates file images of any FAT, NTFS, EXT2, and EXT3 file system.
* Client staging area for storing files and images on the client machines is preserved during a system restore or OS migration.

Key Benefits

* Fast and easy deployment of new systems, migration of user data and settings, and system updates.
* Deploy individual files to multiple recipients simultaneously with multicast file transfer.
* Safely retire and dispose of PCs with secure data disposal that meets U.S. Department of Defense standards.
* More effective management of image and software deployments with hardware and software inventory.

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DVD MovieFactory 5 is easy-to-use disc authoring and burning software for today's digital lifestyle. Turn your standard or HD video and photos into DVDs with studio-quality personalized menus.

243 MB
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Sorenson Squeeze v4.2

Sorenson Squeeze 4 Compression Suite is the first full-featured compression application to incorporate High Definition (HD) encoding for a variety of video formats including - MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, RealMedia, and Windows Media 9. The Suite also compresses the highest-quality video for Macromedia Flash files.

Sorenson Media has added the Sorenson AVC Pro codec (also known as H.264) to the Sorenson Squeeze 4 Compression Suite. This codec offers unparalleled encoding efficiency by creating the high-quality video at roughly 70 percent the standard MPEG-4 codec!


Alparysoft Deinterlace Plug-In v2.0.294.060221 Win2kXP2k3

Alparysoft Deinterlace Filter is developed for elimination of interlace effect, that is caused by connection of two half-frames into one frame, as a result of it the picture looks blurred and striped. Our Deinterlace filter allows to connect half-frames without negative effects. It is useful only if video is intended for viewing on the monitor or getting the single frame, but not for TV.




Ulead VideoStudio 10 Plus

Ulead VideoStudio 10 is easy-to-use software that turns home videos into fun-to-watch movies! Preserve your precious movies on DVD, CD, tape, the Web or mobile devices to share with family and friends.


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Black and White Photos - Photoshop Video Tutorial


Watch and Learn Photoshop has released another one of their free Photoshop video tutorials. This tutorial describes some nice techniques that you can use to turn your photos to black and white using adjustment layers. These techniques work much better than just desaturating or turning your image to Grayscale mode and the final outcome is much more customizable.


Serious Magic Ultra v2 + 3 Master Sets Libraries

ULTRA 2 transforms DV, HDV and HD keying into a practical daily production tool. Create highly realistic composites, even from marginal video sources. ULTRA 2's Vector Keying technology blows away the primitive keyer built into your video editing software. Now shots that used to be impossible to key can be finished in minutes.

315 MB
DownloadCode RS:
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DownloadCode MU:
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Adobe Press Adobe After Effects 7.0 Classroom in a Book (Feb 2006)

Book Description
The fastest, easiest, most comprehensive way to learn Adobe After Effects 7!

Classroom in a Book, the best-selling series of hands-on software training workbooks, helps you learn the features of Adobe software quickly and easily. Classroom in a Book offers what no other book or training program does--an official training series from Adobe Systems Incorporated, developed with the support of Adobe product experts.

Adobe After Effects 7.0 Classroom in a Book contains eleven lessons and a bonus DVD with lesson files. The book covers the basics of learning Adobe After Effects, and countless tips and techniques to help you quickly become an After Effects artist. You'll get thorough training in digital video effects and production as well as learn about After Effects 7.0's new features, including motion tracking, powerful animation and keyframing controls, HDR color support, network rendering, and more. You can follow the book from start to finish or choose only those lessons that interest you.

For more detail


PMM Tommi Orchards PagePack

The Tommi Orchards PMM PagePack is a collection of 5 outstanding web page layouts-each wih a refreshing design "look". PagePacks mean one-click auto page creation. Its that simple. Markup is standards-compliant and meets Section 508 and WAI AAA accessibility guidelines.


PMM Bartlett PagePack

The Bartlett PMM PagePack is a collection of gorgeous web pages tailor-made for Pop Menu Magic menus (PagePacks can also be used without Pop Menu Magic). Markup is standards-compliant and meets Section 508 and WAI AAA accessibility guidelines accessibility guidelines. All you need to do is add your content.


Microangelo Toolset v6.0 Retail

Microangelo Toolset 6 includes four integrated icon utilities, each designed to excel in its specific area of expertise. All Toolset components provide complete support for Windows Vista hi-resolution (256x256) icons and Vista image compression! Click on any of the tool icons above for more details on each component.

Librarian is designed to recognize and access icons in every file and image format supported by Windows 95 through Windows Vista. Open all types of icon libraries to view, organize, add, remove or replace the icons they contain. Use Librarian to search, locate and extract icons from files, folders, or entire disk drives on your computer or network. It's workspace allows you to view and manage all image formats within an icon resource. Replace or edit icons inside of program files. Software developers: Librarian's command line support automates the addition of Vista icon formats when building your applications.

Use Studio to edit icons and make icon (ICO) and cursor (CUR) files. Its rich editing and drawing tools will help you create outstanding icons and cursors. Studio's editing tools and options allow you to create custom gradients with unlimited colors and transparency levels, draw smooth anti-aliased edges, paint with adjustable opacity, and add dithering/dodge/burn effects to every drawing tool! Import PSD, PNG, JPG and BMP graphics. Studio includes enhanced scaling and sharpening options to optimize their display at any size. These features and additional options - nudge tools, screen capture, and a real-time Preview window - make Studio your complete solution for editing icons and cursors!

Animator is designed to make and edit animated (ANI) cursor files. It's toolset and interface are identical to Microangelo Studio, with enhanced features for creating animated cursors. Watch your animation take shape in Animator's real-time Preview window while you edit!

Explorer is a perfect "home base" for all of Microangelo's components. Use Explorer to browse for icons, cursors, and animated cursors. Explore folders for for icon files, view icon and cursors animations, and sort files by detail, for example, the number of icons they contain. Launch any Toolset component from Explorer's toolbar or file display.


Planet Art - Antique Maps (Format PCD) 24 maps

Planet Art - Antique Maps (Format PCD) 24 maps

Sunday, April 16, 2006.

Nullsoft Winamp Pro 5.21

Nullsoft Winamp is a fast, flexible, high-fidelity media player for Windows. Winamp supports playback of many audio (MP3, OGG, AAC, WAV, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, MIDI, etc) and video types (AVI,ASF,MPEG,NSV), custom appearances called skins (supporting both classic Winamp 1.x/2.x skins and Winamp 3 freeform skins), audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins (including two industry dominating visualization plug-ins), an advanced media library, Internet radio and TV support, CD ripping, and CD burning.

The Full version Plays MP3s, AAC, WMA, and more; Compatible with Winamp 2 Plug-ins; Full Support for Classic and Modern Skins; Plays Videos; has a Powerful Media Library; Browse Internet RadioTV Stations; Integrated Internet Music VideosSongs; Bundled Visualizations; and BurnRip CDs.

Password :
Filesize : 8.7 MB


NOD32 Antivirus System 2.51.26 with WORKING SERIAL

The NOD32 antivirus system provides balanced state-of-the-art protection against threats endangering your PC. Viruses, worms, and other malware are kept out of striking distance from your valuable data. Advanced detection methods implemented in the software provide protection against a great proportion of the worms and viruses that are still awaiting creation.

Version 2.5 features a license manager, automatic movement of newly created files to Quarantine, and a brand new module compatible with all versions of MS Outlook.


SERIAL:(tested & works)
UserName: AV-3331663 Password: d498c44000
UserName: AV-3331679 Password: 7inu1vwmc3

Here is a link to fix that is suppose to make trial last forever
I scanned file but have not tested as I use Mc@fee

[thanks warezbb]

-- added
Password:- WT


Certified Ethical Hacker Lab 3.0.iso

total 21 modules lesson
more on description


mirrorCode: 491 MB



Certified Ethical Hacker Lab 3.0.iso 632.05 mb



UNIX Application Migration Guide

Microsoft Corporation, «UNIX Application Migration Guide»
Microsoft Press | ISBN 0735618380 | 2003 Year | CHM | 3,39 Mb | 684 Pages

This guide is designed to give you the best information available about the issues that you are likely to face if you are contemplating or have decided on greater integration between your UNIX and Microsoft Windows operating system environments. If you are a senior IT decision maker, network manager, or operating system administrator, then this guide has been designed with you in mind. In addition, a large part of this document covers the detailed changes that need to be made at a coding level, making it a valuable resource for developers.

This guide includes information from consultants working in the field and from organizations that have already confronted and solved the issues around migrating from UNIX to Windows to produce what is currently defined as best practice.

What this guide covers:
The Migration Process
Application Assessment and Analysis
UNIX and Windows Interoperability
Creating the Development Environment
Win32 and Interix Code Conversion
User Interface Migration
Testing and Quality Assurance
Fortran Migration

pass: 5n7p3r


Total Training - Adobe Premiere Pro Tips and Tricks

Experience Level: Beginner Through Advanced
Running Time: 3 Hours, 1 DVD
Project Files: Included

If you thought you couldn't produce video like the professionals, think again. In Total Training Presents: Adobe® Premiere® Pro Tips & Tricks, professional filmmaker and Premiere® expert, Jacob Rosenberg, guides you through his top 10 secrets and techniques for getting more out of Adobe® Premiere® Pro. This series will give you a variety of Premiere® Pro® tips that only the insiders know.

Improve the mix with clip gain, clip volume, audio transitions and rack-based reverb
- Create a track matte with the Adobe® title designer
- Learn how to work with large screen footage using exporting, conforming and letterboxing footage
- Discover tricks to enhance your photo monatge with radial blur and automated clips

Course Outline
1. Crunch Time (35min)
2. Improving the Mix (25min)
3. Keyboard Power (22min)
4. Track Mattes (17min)
5. Moving Mosaics & Blur (20min)
6. Enhancing Your Photo Montage (21 min)
7. Working with Effect Presets (17 min)
8. The Shadow/Highlight Effect (14 min)
9. Working with Widescreen Footage (13 min)


Password :YeYo


Homemade solar cells Free energy Ebook

Learn how to build powerful Solar Cells right in your own back yard. Once you learn this simple technique you can be making as many solar cells as you like! and save yourself thousands of dollars! Cover your entire roof! You can do it in your own home.


pass: do-it-yourself



aipd.-.cm3209.-.flame.field.expedients.rar 14 681.1 KB 2005-Jan-12 4 1.0 MB 2005-Jan-12
anarchy.-..-.anarchists.cookbook..iv.4.14.rar 191 687.9 KB 2005-Jan-13 119 49.0 KB 2005-Jan-13 69 16.5 MB 2005-Jan-12 88 245.3 KB 2005-Jan-12 49 31.9 MB 2005-Jan-12 12 95.0 KB 2005-Jan-12 61 251.4 KB 2005-Jan-13 361 4.8 MB 2005-Jan-12 10 1.9 MB 2005-Jan-12
benson.ragnar.-.breath.of.the.dragon.rar 25 42.0 KB 2005-Jan-12
benson.ragnar.-.the.modern.survival.retreat.rar 8 6.9 MB 2005-Jan-12 107 3.8 MB 2005-Jan-12 47 556.1 KB 2005-Jan-12 44 917.1 KB 2005-Jan-12
canada.emergency.measurses.organization.-.nuclear.weapons.effects.rar 9 877.2 KB 2005-Jan-12
canada.emergency.measurses.organization.-.radiological.defense.officers.course.manual.rar 6 966.7 KB 2005-Jan-12 6 367.5 KB 2005-Jan-12 30 155.5 KB 2005-Jan-12 91 10.2 MB 2005-Jan-12 53 1.4 MB 2005-Jan-13
defeating.electromagnetic.door.locks.rar 72 60.2 KB 2005-Jan-12
demarco.f.-.improvised.home-built.recoilless.launchers.rar 7 11.4 MB 2005-Jan-12 0 192.4 KB 2005-Jan-12 6 1.6 MB 2005-Jan-12 36 11.8 MB 2005-Jan-13 9 21.7 MB 2005-Jan-13 34 2.2 MB 2005-Jan-13 137 15.3 MB 2005-Jan-12
donner.john.-.impact.firecrackers.rar 8 106.9 KB 2005-Jan-12 351 50.4 MB 2005-Jan-12
drug.-..-.anatomy.of.a.motel.meth.lab.rar 23 221.9 KB 2005-Jan-13 61 21.5 KB 2005-Jan-13 52 57.8 KB 2005-Jan-13
drug.-..-.recreational.drugs.rar 6 1.8 MB 2005-Jan-13
drug.-..-.simple.cubensis.growing.technique.html.rar 4 1.7 MB 2005-Jan-13 2 125.6 KB 2005-Jan-13 6 5.1 MB 2005-Jan-12
drug.-.uncle.fester.-.secrets.of.methamphetamine.manufacture.3rd.ed.rar 5 309.9 KB 2005-Jan-13 10 88.0 KB 2005-Jan-12
electro-chemical.machining.rar 5 835.4 KB 2005-Jan-12 7 84.2 KB 2005-Jan-13
fire.arson.investigation.manual.rar 5 2.2 MB 2005-Jan-12
firearms.-..-.64.handgun.and.rifle.targets.gif.rar 101 2.4 MB 2005-Jan-13 15 93.8 KB 2005-Jan-13 33 1.8 MB 2005-Jan-13 31 672.0 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.ak-47.assault.rifle.receiver.1.rar 3 45.7 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.ak-47.assault.rifle.receiver.2.rar 3 7.7 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.ak-47.assault.rifle.receiver.rar 3 66.8 KB 2005-Jan-13 0 481.8 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.browning.m2.machine.gun.receiver.right.side.plate.1.rar 0 190.4 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.browning.m2.machine.gun.receiver.right.side.plate.2.rar 0 53.0 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.browning.m2hb.machine.gun.tripod.jpg.rar 0 580.5 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.browning.m1919.machine.gun.receiver.right.side.plate.jpg.rar 0 271.5 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.colt.1911.pistol.jpg.rar 0 1.9 MB 2005-Jan-13 0 821.5 KB 2005-Jan-13 0 171.2 KB 2005-Jan-13 0 117.2 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.fn-fal.assault.rifle.receiver.jpg.rar 0 1.0 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.kps.peters.1911.pistol.wmf.rar 0 189.3 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.krinkov.ak.47.receiver.modificactions.jpg.rar 3 325.2 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.liberator.pistol.gif.rar 0 3.6 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.m-14.assault.rifle.receiver.rar 0 2.4 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.m-16.assault.rifle.receiver.dwg.rar 3 192.5 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.m-16.assault.rifle.receiver.pdf.rar 31 1.8 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.m1.garand.rifle.rar 0 1.0 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.m203.40mm.grenade.launcher.1.rar 3 89.0 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.m203.40mm.grenade.launcher.2.rar 3 77.8 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.m203.40mm.grenade.launcher.3.rar 3 65.1 KB 2005-Jan-13 0 2.7 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.ppsh41.assault.rifle.rar 4 168.2 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.remmington.700.rifle.receiver.rar 3 447.6 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.ruger.10-22.rifle.receiver.1.rar 3 618.1 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.ruger.10-22.rifle.receiver.2.rar 2 315.3 KB 2005-Jan-13 2 13.1 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.sig.p228.pistol.rar 3 511.1 KB 2005-Jan-13 5 695.4 KB 2005-Jan-13 3 45.1 KB 2005-Jan-13 3 208.0 B 2005-Jan-13 2 43.8 KB 2005-Jan-13 59 1.2 MB 2005-Jan-13 3 1.5 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 24.8 KB 2005-Jan-13 1 1.7 MB 2005-Jan-13 10 595.8 KB 2005-Jan-13 16 2.1 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.thompson.m1a1.mk1.-.lanchester.model.37.submachine.guns.-.ud-m42.pistol.rar 15 1.6 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.blueprint.-.thompson.m1a1.submachine.gun.receiver.gif.rar 7 107.0 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.front.bolt.action.assault.shotgun.rar 13 998.7 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.full-auto.conversion.-.cobray.m-11-9.pistol.rar 1 951.8 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.full-auto.conversion.-.colt.m1911.-.m1911a1.pistol.rar 1 2.3 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.full-auto.conversion.-.glock.17.pistol.rar 2 372.0 KB 2005-Jan-13 1 3.1 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 54.5 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.full-auto.conversion.-.imi.uzi.submachine.gun.rar 1 1.5 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.full-auto.conversion.-.ingram.mac-10.pistol.rar 1 2.9 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 2.5 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.full-auto.conversion.-.marlin..22.rfile.rar 19 1.6 MB 2005-Jan-13 0 1.6 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.full-auto.conversion.-.ruger.10-22.rifle.rar 0 1.0 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 1.3 MB 2005-Jan-13 0 1.0 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.full-auto.conversion.-.sks.and.variants.assault.rifle.rar 0 1.1 MB 2005-Jan-13 0 1.0 MB 2005-Jan-13 2 427.1 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.glock. 1 6.3 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 1.3 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 2.5 MB 2005-Jan-13 0 2.4 MB 2005-Jan-13 0 1.7 MB 2005-Jan-13 82 2.1 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.homemade.flechette.pengun.rar 58 222.4 KB 2005-Jan-13 13 5.7 MB 2005-Jan-13 14 1.6 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.improvised.shotgun.pistol.rar 33 567.4 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.improvised.silencer.rar 38 70.1 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.improvised.slam.bang.shotgun.rar 33 856.4 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.ingram.mac-10.-.mac-11.supressor.rar 11 293.9 KB 2005-Jan-13 11 332.5 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manaul.-.m1.carbine.rar 6 14.8 MB 2005-Jan-13 63 2.2 MB 2005-Jan-13 108 7.2 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.beretta.92f.9mm.pistol.rar 78 3.7 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.browning.9mm.high.power.pistol.rar 49 1.2 MB 2005-Jan-13 51 2.8 MB 2005-Jan-13 65 2.9 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.browning.boss.ballistic.optimizing.shooting.system.rar 2 1.4 MB 2005-Jan-13 56 4.2 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.browning.buck.mark.22.pistol.rar 60 2.3 MB 2005-Jan-13 56 2.5 MB 2005-Jan-13 4 2.9 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.browning.recoilless.trap.shotgun.rar 4 2.2 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.carl.gustav.m45.submachine.gun.rar 1 1.4 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.colt.m1911.-.m1911a1.pistol..rar 3 4.1 MB 2005-Jan-13 3 123.4 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.fn-fal.assault.rifle.b.rar 3 14.8 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.fn-fal.assault.rifle.rar 2 1.9 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.fn.mauser.model.98.rifle.and.carbine.rar 2 794.8 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.garand.m1.rifle.rar 2 13.3 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.h-r.reising.50.55.-.60.submachine.gun.rar 2 1.0 MB 2005-Jan-13 150 2.6 MB 2005-Jan-13 2 4.5 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.heckler-koch.sl8-1.rifle.rar 3 2.8 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.heckler-koch.ump.45.-.ump.40.submachine.gun.rar 2 1.2 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.heckler-koch.usc.carbine.rar 2 3.8 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.imi.galil.assault.rifle.rar 2 1.8 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.imi.uzi.submachine.gun.rar 2 1.6 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ingram.mac-10.-.mac-11.submachine.gun.rar 3 1.4 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.kimber.model.82.rifle.rar 0 1.2 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.mg34.tme9-206a.machine.gun.rar 1 3.6 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.mosin-nagant.1891.1910.1891-30.1938.-.1944.rifles.carabines.and.sniper.rifles.rar 1 2.5 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.norinco.86s.bullpup.assault.rifle.rar 1 1.2 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.operators.manual.for.ak-47.assault.rifle.rar 1 2.4 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ram-line.exactor.rpt.2238.rpc.2225.-.rpd.2215.pistol.rar 1 3.1 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger..44.magnum.carbine.rar 1 528.8 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.10-22.carbine.rar 1 2.4 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.97.dc.pistol.rar 1 2.0 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.bearcat.-.super.bearcat.revolver.rar 1 419.8 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.blackhawk.-.super.blackhawk.revolver.rar 1 358.0 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.hawkeye.single.shot.pistol.rar 1 426.4 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.m-77.rifle.rar 1 1.5 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 1.7 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.mark.ii.pistol.rar 1 3.2 MB 2005-Jan-13 17 2.8 MB 2005-Jan-13 13 2.9 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.model.77-22.-.77-22.magnum.rifle.rar 1 1.9 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 2.1 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 1.3 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 2.9 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 2.7 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.over.-.under.12.-.20.gauge.shotgun.rar 14 1.8 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.p.series.p89.p90.-.p94.pistol.rar 1 2.7 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.p95dao.pistol.rar 1 2.0 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.p97dao.pistol.rar 1 2.1 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.ruger.redhawk.revolver.rar 1 1.7 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.safari.arms.1911.enforcer.-.matchmaster.pistol.rar 1 1.4 MB 2005-Jan-13 6 11.9 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.sks.and.variants.assault.rifle.rar 2 1.7 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.smith-wesson.metal.frame.centerfire.pistol.rar 1 202.4 KB 2005-Jan-13 1 691.8 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.sti.1911.pistol.rar 1 194.2 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.sti.2011.pistol.rar 1 206.5 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.svd.dragunov.sniper.rifle.rar 2 337.2 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.tokarev.-.simonov.mi936.mi938.mi940.-.mi946.rifles.carabines.and.sniper.rifles.rar 1 495.1 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.valmet.hunter.m.88.rifle.rar 2 1.4 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.valmet.m.76.assault.rifle.rar 2 2.2 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.walther.p-5.pistol.rar 2 1.5 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.walther.p-22.pistol.rar 2 221.5 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.walther.p-38.pistol.rar 0 741.7 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.walther.p99.pistol.rar 0 787.7 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.winchester.52b.rifle.rar 0 419.2 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.winchester.63.rifle.rar 0 570.0 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.winchester.70.rifle.rar 15 665.2 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.winchester.1892.rifle.rar 0 497.7 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.winchester.1895.rifle.rar 0 708.0 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.winchester.9410.shotgun.rar 0 2.6 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.winchester.9422.rifle.rar 0 638.2 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.manual.-.winchester.super.x2.shotgun.rar 0 366.7 KB 2005-Jan-13 0 676.3 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.muzzle.thread.sizes.for.various.firearms.rar 0 55.0 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.ordnance.maintenance.-.springfield.m1903.m1903a1.m1903a3.-.m1903a4.rifles.rar 0 8.3 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.pengun.rar 31 72.5 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.reloading.instructions.for.40mm.nylon.cases.rar 0 71.1 KB 2005-Jan-13 0 2.9 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.sig.p226.-.instructions.for.armourers.rar 0 2.1 MB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-..-.the.private.weaponeer.-.tracers.n.stuff.rar 6 17.8 MB 2005-Jan-13 1 1.5 MB 2005-Jan-13 2 298.6 KB 2005-Jan-13 1 570.7 KB 2005-Jan-12
firearms.-.batf.-.state.laws.-.published.ordnances.-.firearms.1998-21st.edition.rar 10 33.6 MB 2005-Jan-13 3 667.6 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-.brown.ronald.b.-.homemade.guns.and.homemade.ammo.rar 27 32.7 MB 2005-Jan-12 14 7.5 MB 2005-Jan-13 15 7.9 MB 2005-Jan-12 16 3.4 MB 2005-Jan-12 12 4.3 MB 2005-Jan-12
firearms.-.hill.gary.-..45.minuteman.smg.rar 11 2.1 MB 2005-Jan-12 17 22.3 MB 2005-Jan-12
firearms.-.holmes.bill.-.home.workshop.guns.for.defense.and.resistance.-.volume.1.-.the.submachine.gun.rar 54 64.2 MB 2005-Jan-12
firearms.-.holmes.bill.-.home.workshop.guns.for.defense.and.resistance.-.volume.2.-.the.handgun.rar 10 4.4 MB 2005-Jan-12
firearms.-.holmes.bill.-.home.workshop.guns.for.defense.and.resistance.-.volume.3.-.the..22.machine.pistol.rar 11 4.6 MB 2005-Jan-12 76 40.0 MB 2005-Jan-12 24 3.9 MB 2005-Jan-12 18 1.6 MB 2005-Jan-12 8 5.2 MB 2005-Jan-12
firearms.-.luty.p.a.-.edpedient.homemade.firearms.the.9mm.submachine.gun.rar 9 29.3 MB 2005-Jan-12 13 14.9 MB 2005-Jan-12 5 472.5 KB 2005-Jan-12 6 936.1 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-.ramos.j.m.-.the.remington.1100.exotic.weapon.system.rar 7 9.6 MB 2005-Jan-12
firearms.-.saxon.kurt.-.the.four.winds.shotgun.rar 5 81.8 KB 2005-Jan-12 11 3.7 MB 2005-Jan-12 12 17.3 MB 2005-Jan-12 8 633.6 KB 2005-Jan-12 7 711.0 KB 2005-Jan-13
firearms.-.wilson.nolan.-.the.silencer.cookbook.-..22.rimfire.silencers.rar 11 1.6 MB 2005-Jan-12
fitz-rauf.jon.sir.-.combat.archery.-.a.manual.for.western.archers.rar 7 165.1 KB 2005-Jan-12 19 133.4 KB 2005-Jan-12
guevara.che.-.guerilla.warfare.rar 5 84.9 KB 2005-Jan-12
hammer.carl.-.expedient.b-e.-.tactics.and.techniques.for.bypassing.alarms.and.defeating.locks.rar 460 65.7 MB 2005-Jan-13 21 7.3 MB 2005-Jan-12
hidden.street.weapons.rar 12 93.1 KB 2005-Jan-12 15 101.2 KB 2005-Jan-12 7 227.1 KB 2005-Jan-12 10 430.5 KB 2005-Jan-12
homemade.-.traps.and.snares.rar 61 433.7 KB 2005-Jan-12
homemade.ballista.-.the.oznogs.spruce.moose.ballista.rar 8 938.1 KB 2005-Jan-13
homemade.cyanid.and.ricin.rar 5 71.7 KB 2005-Jan-12
homemade.sandblasting.cabinet.blueprints.rar 7 169.9 KB 2005-Jan-12
homemade.snap.pick.rar 8 271.1 KB 2005-Jan-12
hutton.alfred.-.old.sword-play.-.the.system.of.fence.rar 9 5.5 MB 2005-Jan-12
improvised.lock.picks.rar 19 2.4 MB 2005-Jan-12
improvised.rocketry.rar 5 249.8 KB 2005-Jan-12
information.unlimited.-.pocket.sized.flame.thrower.1.rar 8 15.2 KB 2005-Jan-12
information.unlimited.-.pocket.sized.flame.thrower.jpg.rar 7 100.3 KB 2005-Jan-12
information.unlimited.-.pocket.sized.flame.thrower.txt.rar 6 3.6 KB 2005-Jan-12
inosanto.dan.-.the.filipino.martial.arts.rar 12 11.0 MB 2005-Jan-12
janich.michael.d.-.blowguns.-.the.breath.of.death.rar 317 59.6 MB 2005-Jan-12 58 2.7 MB 2005-Jan-13 21 1.6 MB 2005-Jan-12
long.hei.master.-.21.techniques.of.silent.killing.rar 92 1.9 MB 2005-Jan-12
macdonald.andrew.-.the.turner.diaries.rar 9 682.8 KB 2005-Jan-12 79 20.1 MB 2005-Jan-13
making.liquor.rar 9 82.9 KB 2005-Jan-12
making.your.first.cylindrical.and.spherical.shells.rar 5 43.0 KB 2005-Jan-12
marighella.carlos.-.minimanual.of.the.urban.guerrilla.rar 8 174.6 KB 2005-Jan-12 8 391.3 KB 2005-Jan-13 31 45.0 MB 2005-Jan-12
matsumoto.labratory.-.artificial.fingers.for.fingerprint.scanners.rar 10 1.0 MB 2005-Jan-12
miller.richard.alan.-.magical.and.ritual.uses.of.common.herbs.rar 12 1.9 MB 2005-Jan-12 11 1.8 MB 2005-Jan-13 13 3.3 MB 2005-Jan-12
montaigue.earl.-.dim-mak.-.death-point.striking.rar 736 55.7 MB 2005-Jan-12 45 189.8 KB 2005-Jan-12 8 2.9 MB 2005-Jan-12 237 28.5 MB 2005-Jan-12
nuclear.weapons.effects.-.radiological.scientific.officers.hanbook.rar 13 2.3 MB 2005-Jan-12 46 469.1 KB 2005-Jan-12 10 271.5 KB 2005-Jan-12 15 115.6 KB 2005-Jan-12
pentecost.don.-.put.em.down.take.em.out.-.knife.fighting.techniques.from.the.folsom.prison.rar 13 3.9 MB 2005-Jan-13 6 154.5 KB 2005-Jan-12
sardauker.richard.-.the.zapper.ultimate.concealable.weapon.rar 8 176.2 KB 2005-Jan-12 12 4.8 MB 2005-Jan-13 49 688.4 KB 2005-Jan-12 26 623.8 KB 2005-Jan-13 25 3.4 MB 2005-Jan-13 10 131.2 KB 2005-Jan-12 16 18.0 MB 2005-Jan-12
u.s..marine.corps.-.fmfrp.12-18.-.mao.tse-tung.-.on.guerilla.warfare.rar 44 3.7 MB 2005-Jan-12 61 11.3 MB 2005-Jan-12 7 16.9 MB 2005-Jan-12 8 15.5 MB 2005-Jan-12 8 8.2 MB 2005-Jan-12
u.s..marine.corps.-.fmfrp.12-80.-.kill.or.get.killed.rar 12 16.3 MB 2005-Jan-12 6 3.1 MB 2005-Jan-12 9 1.8 MB 2005-Jan-13
uncle.fester.-.silent.death.-.revised.-.exapnded.2nd.edition.rar 21 27.3 MB 2005-Jan-13
wallace.ingvar.dr.-.insensitive.munitions.aluminized.propellant.for.tactical.boosters.rar 4 149.6 KB 2005-Jan-12 16 171.7 KB 2005-Jan-13
wellard.paul.-.the.secrets.of.street.self-defence.rar 214 8.3 MB 2005-Jan-12
without.a.trace.rar 11 7.7 MB 2005-Jan-12 100 4.8 MB 2005-Jan-12


Illegal/Banned Books Collection

WARNING! For informational purposes only!
From making gun silencers to lock picking, from growing and making drugs to passing drug tests, from killing people to even making yourself disappear forever, this collection will have your interest from beginning to end. 14 complete books from infamous publishers such as Paladin Press, Loompanics Unlimited, Desert Publications and others.

Please use these books responsibly...don't try any of this stuff!! You have been warned.



Free Image Hosting at
Free Image Hosting at

A unique combination of immaculate appearance, easy-to-use interface and thoroughly selected photos makes this game one of the best in the market. No matter how many clones of Tetris you have played so far, Erotic Tetris by ZX Games will not leave you indifferent.





It is the dawn of the Thirtieth Century. The First Solar War has ended as chronicled in Starlancer, and the Four Houses of Humanity rule known space. Earth and the inhabitable worlds of its solar system are distant memories, mute reminders of humanity's appetite for self-destruction. Now, with the coming of the Age of Conquest, humanity has begun to focus its efforts towards expansion into the frontier worlds.

Adventure, intrigue, and opportunity beckon you, the bold traveler, in an insanely epic and fascinating science-fiction universe appropriately titled - Freelancer.

Coming in the year 2001, Freelancer promises to plunge you into a universe ruled by ruthless pirates, mercenary privateers, and fanatical missionaries. With its sophisticated 3D spaceflight system and real-time 3D character interaction, you will have complete control over buying and selling commodities, accepting missions for hire, customizing your spacecraft, or engaging in high-octane dogfights.

Freelancer - find your fate and make a fortune, or die trying.


No password required

Files are MDS/MDF. CD was ripped using Alcohol. Image file contains crack.
Parts 1-6: 95.78MB
Part 7: 51.44MB


Zuma 2006

The best frog balls around.
by Charles Onyett

January 4, 2006 - The Xbox Live Arcade has yet to disappoint. As of right now, Zuma represents the height of addictive and deceptively engrossing gameplay. One look at a screen of Zuma and you most likely won't understand what you're seeing. In fact, you may grow so confused as to cause the onset of a massive migraine headache. However, after a few healthy doses of aspirin and a few minutes of play time, you won't be able to put your controller down.

What is Zuma? Quite simply, it's a puzzle game. It's available on PC through developer Pop Cap Games' website as a trial, and the full version can be purchased for 20 American dollars. The XBLA version can be downloaded for a preferable 800 Microsoft Points, which translates to 10 Washingtons.

The goal in Zuma, like in so many other puzzle games, is to group together three of the same colored objects. In the case of this title, you need to group strange aboriginal balls. To form groups and rid the screen of balls, you'll need to strategically spit out the colored spheres form the frog idle, conveniently located near the center of every stage.

If this screen doesn't make perfect sense to you, die.

To control the 2D frog you'll use the joysticks to circle him around 360 degrees and use one button to shoot. There's a recess at the rear of the frog that indicates the color of the next ball, and should you need it more than the one ready to fire, you can switch to it at the press of a button. Each stage takes place on a flat board with a groove running along it. It quickly fills up with balls, and your job is to make sure they don't get to the end of the groove or you lose.

Stopping the balls requires you to match like colored ones and trigger power-ups, but the real strategy is in setting up combos. When you blow up three or more same colored balls, it leaves a recess in the advancing ball line. If the two balls on opposite ends of the recess are not the same color, it will simply fill in. However, if the two balls are the same, they will attract each other and collide, pulling back the entirety of the line. If those balls happen to have three or more around them of the same color, they will then explode and leave another recess, and the process can just go on repeating itself.

You'll absolutely need to use these combos as you get further into the game, as the balls come at you at increasingly faster rates. Pulling off combos is by far the most effective way to move the line back and lengthen the amount of time you can survive. So, Zuma works as a puzzle game because its core combo system integrates extremely well with the goal of the game. Combined with the fact that they're very satisfying to pull off, you're going to be glued to the screen for a long time after downloading this one.

Greatest storyline ever.

Zuma offers two modes of play, Adventure and Gauntlet. In Adventure you'll progress through a series of stages and temples and even be treated to some over-the-top story scenes. Gauntlet is a continuous mode of play where the challenge keeps increasing until you lose. Across Adventure and Gauntlet modes you'll find yourself on many different maps, some of which feature simple spiral grooves and others which flaunt more complex curvilinear designs and grooves that actually go under the board. Though extremely challenging, some of the tougher boards in the game are still a blast to play.

The game can be run in HD, though there isn't all that much to be seen in the first place. It's bright and colorful, as with most puzzle games. The animations are smooth, and that's all that matters for a game like this. Soothing tribal music and chants dominate the soundtrack, and are a real pleasure to listen to. You might also mistake the clack of the balls with a frantic pool game, but it's entertaining nonetheless. One thing you won't find in Zuma is a multiplayer mode. While that would be a cool addition, it's not necessary to make this game fun. Zuma should downloaded immediately; it's one of XBLA's finest.


Uplink: Hacker Elite

High tech computer crime and industrial espionage on the Internet of 2010. You play an Uplink Agent who makes a living by performing jobs for major corporations. Your tasks involve hacking into rival computer systems, stealing research data, sabotaging other companies, laundering money, erasing evidence, or framing innocent people. You use the money you earn to upgrade your computer systems, and to buy new software and tools. As your experience level increases you find more dangerous and profitable missions become available. You can speculate on a fully working stock market (and even influence its outcome). You can modify peoples academic or criminal records. You can divert money from bank transfers into your own accounts. You can even take part in the construction of the most deadly computer virus ever designed.

"Welcome to the Uplink Corporation!" cheerfully greets you in white pixels splashed across a black screen. You sit there, a bit befuddled for a moment, and then you realize you are here for a job. And not just any ordinary job, oh no, you are about to be hired by the world's leader in computer espionage and high tech crime. As an agent for the Uplink, you will have at your disposal all the resources you need to make a prosperous living stealing data, forging records, destroying mainframes, and framing innocent people. And that is just before breakfast! Uplink by Introversion Software, at first glance looks like something you would put back on the shelf at your local game store. This game has no fancy graphics, no thrumming hard hitting soundtrack, no one shot kills, and no massive armies at your disposal to conquer worlds. Do not be decieved!! If you did put it back, you would be missing out on one of the most creative, enticing and compelling games to grace a hard drive. Uplink is simply a game about the player versus the world. Everything is fair game, and anything can be had... if you are good enough. Toss aside those other shallow games that get stale after a few weeks, and get ready for a real challenge!


Championship Manager 2006

Think you can do better? It's your decisions that count: your budget, your buys, your formation, your tactics... your chance to prove it! Use your skills and knowledge to manage your club the way you feel it should be - now it's your turn.

All football fans around the world, believe they know more about football than anybody else. More than the guy sat next to them at the match, more than the people commentating on the game, more than the manager of their local team.

Championship Manager is the closest you'll ever come to the highs and lows of real football management.

DownloadCode MU:
DownloadCode SS:


Commandos 3: Destination Berlin ISO

Format : ISO
Language : English (Multilanguage too.. i think)
Size :
CD 1 : 6 x 99.18mb , 1 x 55.88mb
CD 2 : 6 x 99.18mb , 1 x 56.81mb
CD 3 : 2 x 99.18mb , 1 x 93.58mb

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin is the third instalment in the legendary tactical strategy series from Pyro Studios.

Prepare to take the Commandos on their deadliest mission yet as you venture deep into enemy territory across three extensive campaigns. From the frozen ruins of Stalingrad through to the forests of central Europe and onto the beaches of Normandy, your men must use their skills to confound the enemy. These men are the best the Allies have - are you fit to lead them?

Take your team of six Commandos through 3 varied campaigns - each one vital to the outcome of WW2

Completely new environments and dynamic mission objectives to keep your squad on their toes!

An all new tutorial system will make sure that your men are fully trained and ready for action

Multiplayer Deathmatch for up to 12 players

DownloadCode CD 1:

DownloadCode CD 2:

DownloadCode CD 3:

Password :


World Of Warcraft FULL GAME Including Private Servers

If you follow all these steps you should be able to play completely free:

Then download each of these patches one by one to make it 1.9.2 hacked:


190 patch

Then download each of these patches one by one to make it 1.9.2 hacked:

190-191 patch

191-192 patch

192d kadaj Client patch

When installing the last patch it will ask you for the name of the Wow server check out:

WoW status show the available free servers you can use just check the private servers section.
You’ll see a list of 50+ servers each offering free access
Choose the server group you want to use and sign up with them and use there server information during the installation of the kadaj patch and when first playing use the login information you used for your chosen server to log in and that’s it.

If you have any problems with the server you picked just reinstall the kadaj patch using new server information each time.




Codeweavers CrossOver Office 5 Professional 5.0.1

CrossOver Office allows you to install your favorite Windows productivity applications and plugins in Linux, without needing a Microsoft Operating System license. CrossOver includes an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing a Windows application simple and fast.

Once installed, your application will integrate directly with your Gnome or KDE environment. Just click and run your application, exactly as you would in Windows, but with the full freedom of Linux.

CrossOver Office lets you use many Windows plugins directly from your Linux browser. Plugin works on any x86 based Linux distribution and will integrate with most browsers including Netscape 4.x, Netscape 6.x, Konqueror, Mozilla, Galeon and Opera. Plugin also integrates with Gnome and KDE to let you transparently open any Word, Excel or PowerPoint file. But even better, you can open these attachment types directly from any mail client. Because Plugin uses the native Windows plugins, you get the best compatibility possible. For instance this is the only 'QuickTime on Linux' solution that supports the Sorenson movie format used by most sites.


Server2Go v1.1.0

What is Server2Go

Server2Go is a Webserver that runs out of box without any installation. That means it is a webserver that can run directly from cdrom, usb stick or from any folder on harddisk. Server2Go allows you to create a standalone working web site or PHP application on a CD-ROM. Server2Go was primary developed for the usage on CD-ROM but there is no problem use it from other drives too. Using a web browser, a user can run php programs as well as view html files on the CD-ROM. He only need to insert a CD with Server2Go under the supported Windows operations systems. The server starts automaticly and opens a browser with the Website of the CD-ROM.
Server2Go was build to replace a tool called WampOnCD that lacks some important features and isn't activly developed.

Server2Go supports PHP5, SQLite and MySQL.


Server2Go is Donationware. That means you can download and use it for free and you don't have to pay any royalty charges when distribute an application on CD-ROM that uses Server2Go. But if you use it commercially or like to keep it free available you should donate to the project. How to donate? Just take a look at the donation page. There are a lot of inexpensive possibilities to help.
Every donator who donates 10.- USD or more is getting a user id and password with that he can download additional software that is not public available. See the download page for details.

* Free! No royalties
* Complete WAMPP Server
* Runs directly from CD-ROM, USB Stick or Harddisk without installation
* Full featured webserver (based on apache)
* PHP 5.1.2 support with many extensions installed (i.e. gd)
* Supports SQLite databases
* Running on all Windows Win 98 and newer
* Support for MySQL Databases
* Supports many PHP extensions (GD-Lib, PDO...) by default
* Support for Perl 5.8

Changelog for v1.1.0 (24.03.2006)
* Fixing bug with Browser startup on NT 4.
* New started browser now comes up as foreground-window (hopefully on all windows versions).
* Possibility to change the used IP Address for Server and Browser window.
* Possibility to use transparent splash screens.
* Possibility to define the pathes to webserver, database and configuration files. With these options you can use server2go for other server packages like XAMPP.
* Activated the mysqli extension by default.
* If running from CD, the CD-Tray will be locked till server is shut down.

Homepage and more info here:


With Apache, PHP, SQLite (~11 MB)

With Apache, PHP, SQLite, MySQL (~20 MB)

With Apache, PHP, SQLite, MySQL, Perl (~40 MB)


Hackers Handbook


Super Mario Bros


DK Eyewitness Guides Knight

Here is a spectacular and informative guide to the life and times of the medieval knight and his followers. Superb color photographs of everything from suits of armor to the lord and lady of the manor in full costume offer a unique "eyewitness" view into the lives of medieval people at peace and during wartime. See a horse's armor, medieval siege engines, how armor is made, how a castle is attacked and defended, how a knight put on his armor and the weapons of a Japanese samurai. Learn the rules of jousts and tournaments, the language of heraldry, how the sections of a suit of armor were joined together, how a falconer trained his hawk and why the Crusades were important. Discover who treated the wounded on a medieval battlefield, how knights hunted for deer, the way the first guns worked and how a knight recruited his followers, and much, much more!



Ruling the Root Internet Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace

Milton L. Mueller, «Ruling the Root: Internet Governance and the Taming of Cyberspace»
The MIT Press | ISBN 0262632985 | 2004 Year | CHM | 1,53 Mb | 328 Pages

In Ruling the Root, Milton Mueller uses the theoretical framework of institutional economics to analyze the global policy and governance problems created by the assignment of Internet domain names and addresses. "The root" is the top of the domain name hierarchy and the Internet address space. It is the only point of centralized control in what is otherwise a distributed and voluntaristic network of networks. Both domain names and IP numbers are valuable resources, and their assignment on a coordinated basis is essential to the technical operation of the Internet. Mueller explains how control of the root is being leveraged to control the Internet itself in such key areas as trademark and copyright protection, surveillance of users, content regulation, and regulation of the domain name supply industry.

Control of the root originally resided in an informally organized technical elite comprised mostly of American computer scientists. As the Internet became commercialized and domain name registration became a profitable business, a six-year struggle over property rights and the control of the root broke out among Internet technologists, business and intellectual property interests, international organizations, national governments, and advocates of individual rights. By the late 1990s, it was apparent that only a new international institution could resolve conflicts among the factions in the domain name wars. Mueller recounts the fascinating process that led to the formation of a new international regime around ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. In the process, he shows how the vaunted freedom and openness of the Internet is being diminished by the institutionalization of the root.



Oxygen Phone Manager

The purpose
Oxygen Phone Manager II for Nokia and Samsung phones provides simple and convenient way to control mobile phone from PC.

Oxygen Phone Manager II offers management for Phonebook, Call Register, Calendar, Todo Lists, SMS and MMS messages, logos, tones, GPRS and WAP settings, Profiles, Dictaphone, FM Stations, Java games and applications. Certain feature availability depends on phone model and its features.


1100, 1220, 1260, 1261, 2100, 2112, 2270, 2275, 2280, 2285, 2300, 2600, 2650, 3100, 3105, 3108, 3120, 3200, 3205, 3210, 3220, 3300, 3310, 3320, 3330, 3350, 3360, 3390, 3395, 3410, 3510, 3510i, 3520, 3530, 3560, 3570, 3585, 3585i, 3586, 3586i, 3587i, 3588i, 3589i, 3590, 3595, 3610, 5100, 5110, 5130, 5140, 5140i, 5190, 5210, 5510, 6020, 6021, 6100, 6101, 6102, 6108, 6110, 6130, 6150, 6170, 6190, 6200, 6210, 6220, 6225, 6230, 6230i, 6235, 6235i, 6250, 6255, 6310, 6310i, 6320, 6340, 6340i, 6360, 6370, 6385, 6500, 6510, 6560, 6585, 6590, 6610, 6610i, 6650, 6651, 6800, 6810, 6820, 6822, 7110, 7160, 7190, 7200, 7210, 7250, 7250i, 7260, 7270, 7280, 7600, 8210, 8250, 8290, 8310, 8390, 8800, 8801, 8810, 8850, 8855, 8890, 8910, 8910i.

SGH-E700, SGH-E800, SGH-E630, SGH-X460, SGH-X600 (Phonebook and Call register sections only)


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